Mexico Mayan RiveraRiviera Maya or better known as the Mayan Riviera is one of the hottest tourism districts attracting history buffs from all over the world. Situated in Mexico on the eastern portion of Yucatan Peninsula, this district has its roots way back. Apart from the beautiful coastal reefs and the water activities, Mayan Riviera has a lot of archaeological sites which is a storehouse for history lovers.

The most important cultural center of Mayan Riviera is the Chichen-Itza which is the capital of ancient Mayan civilization. One can pay a visit to the Xcaret theme park which is also nicknamed as nature’s sacred paradise. It is one of the friendliest eco-archaeological parks in this world. Xcaret was an important port and one of the most revered ceremonial sites in Mayan Riviera. However, to enjoy the real Mayan culture, one must venture into the heart of the jungle to fully explore and understand the history and culture associated with this beautiful district of Mayan Riviera.