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    Places To Visit In Bangkok

    Posted In: Uncategorized by Robert

    BangkokBangkok, it is the place you would definitely imagine crowd, noise, nightlife and excitement. Bangkok offers you with each and everything which you expect from it and I would say even beyond your expectations. Apart from this wild and crazy night life for which Bangkok is famous, it also offers many ancient sites, modern shopping malls and such other amazing sites to be explored. Bangkok is a total thrilling and exciting spot to be explored. It is such a place which shows you the tension between the developed and undeveloped cities. Apart from this also, it is still a heart throbbing destination to be explored. Here are some of the major tourist attractions of Bangkok which must be visited if you have hopped on this destination without fail.

    • Grand palace                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             If you are exploring Bangkok and if you have got chance to explore only one destination of Bangkok then without any doubt it should be this one place. The royal compound of this extraordinary place lives up to the name of grand palace with such overwhelming structures which would put aside most of the decadent modern monarchs to shame. This beautiful grand place is the home of the Wat Phra Kaeo which possesses the jade Buddha. This popular and beautiful spot was built in 1782 and it was the royal residence for many generations and till today it is used for the essential ceremonies and possessing heads of state. Make sure while you visit this holy and historic place, you are dressed properly in good attire. Dressing up properly means covering up your arms and legs and avoids any vulgar or short or any kind of sloppy attire. This kind of dressing is strictly prohibited in this place. If you want to avoid hassle and make the most out of your beautiful experience, you must go for the grand palace and wat phra and kaew tour. It is half day sight-seeing tour and gives you the most memorable experience of your life.
    • Wat pho

    Located just to the south of grand palace, wat pho gives you an extraordinary addition to the tour. But the condition for exploring this place is that your feet must be ready for a long walk. These temple was built by the oldest king of Bangkok king Rama 1 and it is still maintained very well and is one of the must visit destination in Bangkok. Before many centuries, this place has been very much famous for healing and pharmacy and that’s the reason whu this place has become very much famous.

    • Wat arun

    Only the luck has made this attraction very much popular. There was a company who purchased the land around the temple with a condition to remove the plaster statue of god Buddha. The statue proved to be so much heavy that the crane was not able to lift and cable parted and the statue was dropped. It was in the same place for a night and the season was rainy. Next morning some saints walked glint of gold which was shining through the plaster. When the plaster was removed, there was a 3.5 m Buddha which consists of 5.5 tons of solid gold.

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    Must visit places in Costa Rica

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    Costa Rica, with its enthralling natural beauty comprising of beaches, rainforests, cloud and volcanoes, is one of the favored tourist hotspots in the planet, attracting millions of visitors and foreigners each year. There are numerous gorgeous and serene attractions and destinations encompassing the length and breadth of the country. The most famous are the beaches, Manuel Antonio being the most popular. Then there’s Playas Tamarindo, Jaco and Santa Teresa, which also attracts decent amount of crowd.

    One of the most important places in Costa Rica is Tortuguero National Park, which provides a chance to tourists to encounter nesting habits of sea turtle. Here, you can also try out canoeing, kayaking and nature cruises. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, you should not miss out on the Braulio Carrillo National Park. This rainforest comprises of the most scenic views of nature at its best. You can also visit La Paz Waterfall, and enjoy the experience of Hot Springs at Tabacon Resort.

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    Building a fire needs a lot of patience and skill. However in case you are building a fire on a damp night, the task becomes quite difficult. In fact you might even find that the task is next to impossible. However in case you are planning to build a fire on such a day, there are some tricks that you could adopt to solve your problem.

    The first point that you would have to keep in mind is that one of the primary reasons the fire does not get lighted up in the moist weather condition is that the wood is damp. Wood tends o be porous in nature and absorbs as well as retains moisture. This means that when you are trying to build fire, what you really will have to deal with is the damp wood. Try to get pine trees with fat wood. These have high oil content and tend to burn well. Wood inside the large and wide logs is good for this purpose as well.

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    Usually, we always wonder about the most hyped places and yet we fail to visit the ones that are right near us. Just near the cost of California is one such Island named Catalina. With the ever inspiring smell of eucalyptus and pleasant warm temperature, Catalina is definitely one place you should not miss.

    The oceans around here are very clear making them perfect for sports like snorkeling, swimming and diving. A festival known as the “Flying Fish Festival” is held annually in Catalina. During this festival, you can expect to see dolphins, penguins and other sea animals. There are not many places in which you can see the natural Blue Whale, the largest animal in the planet. But when you go to Catalina, you can at least see 5 of them during your stay.

    Similarly, there are many attractions to this beautiful Island. If you ever go to California, make sure you visit this place.

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    A ski vacation can sure be a lot of fun. Perfect idea of a getaway with your family and loved ones, a ski vacation can provide you with the right dosage of the long deserved adrenalin rush coupled with family time. Now, if you want to enjoy your skinning experience, it is very essential that you pack well. There are certain essentials which you absolutely cannot do without on a ski vacation. Thus before you are all get set to ski, make sure your pack wisely.

    First thing that should be on your ‘must pack list’ are, your skiing boots, your skis, goggles and poles. Now that you are done packing your skiing items, also pack well for the rest of the vacation. A skiing vacation also involves spending time with your family besides an ample lot of skiing. Thus, make sure you pack your evening outfits too.

    One essential thing that you must keep in mind is to pack warm. Make it a point to carry all your warm clothes such as sweatshirts, sweaters, trench coats, scarves, caps, and gloves for maximum protection. Last but not the least, pack an ample lot of energy in you; because that is one thing you are sure going to need on your skiing getaway.

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