discount on hotel booking It is obvious that when you’ll be going on a trip, you wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money on hotel room booking. If you manage to save money on hotel booking then you’ll be able to spend more money on shopping or any other activity. If you travel every year then saving money on hotel booking can be very profitable for you. Below are a few tips to help you save money on hotel booking:

• You will find that there are a number of travel websites. It is recommended that you sign up for newsletters of a certain travel website that you like. In every newsletter you’ll receive you’re likely to find advertisements regarding discounts on hotel room booking. Certain websites will also send you alerts via text messages.

• Apart from looking for discounts on hotel room on travel websites, it is recommended that you visit the websites of hotels as well. You will find that discounts are offered on hotel room booking if only you book through the hotel’s own website. This is called direct booking. You’ll find that a number of casinos and resorts offer discounts on booking done through the business’s own website.

• You can also book a package deal that includes air fare as well as lodging expenses. Often in such a deal discounts are offered in either the air fare or in the hotel room booking charges. You are also likely to get discounts on both the air fare and hotel charges.

• There are also other ways of getting discounts on hotel room booking. You will find that members of certain clubs get discounts on lodging expenses. If you have any valid voucher that offers discounts on hotel room booking charges then you should consider using it. You will also find that there are special discount hotel room rates offered for individuals who are in any way associated with a travel organization. If you are a businessman then you are likely to get discounts on hotel room booking. Also discounts are offered for ex military personnel. Discounts on hotel room charges are also offered for the elderly.

• You can also call the hotel and ask them for discounts. If you talk in a gracious manner then you may be able to enjoy special privileges as well as get discounts on hotel room charges. Hotel room bookings are nowadays done almost always through internet so if you call the hotel and talk in a friendly manner then the whole thing will have a personal touch which is likely to prove beneficial for you.

While travelling you should never completely reject the idea of staying at a hotel which is located a bit far away from the main tourist destination. You will find that the hotels which are located at a distance from the main tourist attraction offer hotel room charges which are far less than the ones which are located close to that area. If you keep the above mentioned points in your mind while booking a hotel then it is sure to prove beneficial for you.