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    Honeymoon DestinationsThe life changing decision is made when two people decide to spend the rest of their life together. And each one of you will want to have a good start to it. The brides as well as the grooms start thinking about the places that they can visit for their honeymoon and start their married life only after the marriage date is fixed. A tough hunt continues till a suitable place is found where you can experience comfort, adventure and romance at the same time.

    Adventure at Fiji:

    In the South Pacific Ocean, in Melanesia the islands of Fiji are situated. Fiji has as much as 333 islands and the tall coconut trees, white sand and the turquoise water is a treat to your eyes. You can relax with your partner hand in hand in these long, spectacular beaches and get the ultimate peace of soul. An adventurous couple can dive into the water and play with the hidden world. Huge shopping malls can meet a shopaholic bride’s needs and amazing restaurants are also available for a foodie groom by serving tasty delicacies. In short, the islands of Fiji are an ideal place for all types of couples whether adventurous, or romantic.

    Comfort at Hidden sees Island, Germany:

    If you are looking for a quiet and serene place to start your married life, you can easily pack your luggage and visit this little island at the Baltic Sea in Germany which is called the Hidden see Island. You can spend hours talking to your partner on a bike, or going for a horse ride will be an all new experience. If you are tired of the regular high pitches that you are used to face and is looking for some peace, you can book the tickets for Hidden see Island and take your bride there without a second thought.

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    Destinations for exotic island weddings

    Posted In: Honeymoon by cooldude

    exotic island weddingsAre you getting married to your high school sweetheart in a few months and want the wedding to be an affair to remember? Well, in that case you need to think out of the box. It will be great if you can choose an exotic location to exchange your vows. An exotic wedding location is Mexico. The cool blue waters and the crystal beaches of Mexico are the best witnesses that you can have for your wedding. Cozumel is just off the Yucatan Peninsula is one of the best places on earth to get married in.

    If you are looking for exotic wedding destinations, you surely cannot give Hawaii a miss. Oahu, the capital of Hawaii is a wonderful place to get married in. The golden sun and the aquamarine water will make your wedding more than memorable. Other exotic locations you can opt for include Jamaica and Bermuda. So, take your pick now!

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    Queenstown – The Best Honeymoon spot

    Posted In: Honeymoon by oldtowntravel

    If you are newly married, you should be looking for a romantic spot to celebrate your honeymoon. The fantastic scenic beauty marked by its pleasant weather makes Queensland, New Zealand one of the top spots for tourism. There are also loads of fun stuffs that you can do as a couple in this place.

    If you don’t want to drive, then you can call one of the many day tour companies around the city and they will pick you up and drop you at your hotel at the end of the day. Bungee Jumping is famous at Queensland and you can find that at many places. You should not leave Queensland without having bungee jumped!

    Heli-Skiing is a new practice in which you fly up the mountain and then ski down. It is really something inspiring and ambitious to do. Then there are a host of hotels with great views and large, romantic dinners which will make your honeymoon memorable.

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