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    Spain factsFrom invention of stapler and making mop over the legal nudity, Spain is a lot more than just sunshine and beaches. When you think of Spain, the immediate thought you would get would be about bull fighting, fiestas and flamenco dancing. Spain is not just limited to this much, it has a lot more to explore. There are many facts about Spain which you are not aware of and you will never even know if you miss this article. Test up your knowledge with this cool mix of interesting and informative facts about Spain. Whether you are planning to move to Spain or you have a fantasy of Spain or you just want to flaunt some knowledge on your family dining table, these facts about Spain will definitely be very helpful.


    • Second largest country in the UE

    Spain is officially known as the kingdom of Spain. Spain consists of the area of 505,955 square kilometers and thus it makes Spain the second largest country of the whole UE. Spain covers over 85% of the Iberian Peninsula which it is sharing with Portugal. I am sure you would not be aware about these interesting facts about Spain.

    • It was once a number of separate kingdoms with different languages

    Yes you heard it right, Spain was once a combination of separate kingdoms and all kingdoms had different languages. Spain was unified in the 15th century. And this happened after the marriage of two catholic monarchs Isabella of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon. This kingdom was the base for many of the regions in modern Spain. In today’s date there are 17 autonomous regions and 2 autonomous enclaves of Melila and Ceuta in North Africa.

    • Spanish is 2nd widely spoken language in the world

    There are more than 406 million people across the globe who speaks Spanish. Yes this is one of the very surprising facts about Spain. It comes after Chinese.

    • Nudity is legal in Spain

    Yes you heard it right, nudity is legal in Spain. I am sure this will be also one of the shocking facts about Spain. They believe that it’s better to enjoy the country’s Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers and mild rainy with open heart. Spain was also one of the countries having the youngest marriageable age in Europe before it changed the legal age of marriage from 14 years to 16 years in the year 2015.

    • Spanish people are fond of chilling

    Spanish people are very joyful people and they love to chill and hang out. According to the OECD report on an average Spanish people contribute 16 long hours out of 24 hours in eating, sleeping, drinking, chilling, hanging out and leisure.

    • Spain produces over half of the olive oil of the world

    Spain produces almost more than 1.5 million tons of olive oil and almost major part of it comes from south region of Andalusia. It is also considered as the third largest producer of wine after Italy and France.

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    Fun Facts About Phuket, Thailand

    Posted In: Destinations by Robert

    Facts about phuketPhuket is one of the most popular destinations across the world. If you have been fortunate enough to have a tour and visit places in Phuket then it is very good but you are one of them who haven’t visited Phuket might be inte4reted in knowing all about Phuket. You might be wondering what is there in this place which attracts people so much. It has so many scattered and beautiful beaches and much of the exciting activities and many more things which you might not be aware but will be stunned when you know them. Here are some of the fun facts about Phuket.



    • It’s the biggest island in Thailand

    Thailand is a very wide spot and consists of so many wide and beautiful places. Phuket is one of them. In fact Phuket is biggest island in whole Thailand. The total area of Phuket is about 540 sqm which is close to the area of whole Singapore. Phuket is very popular in Thailand because of its beautiful and pleasant white pleasant beaches, crazy and exciting nightlife, crystal clear water and wide and excellent islands. Phuket is also a nice place to have stayed as it offers its stay from super luxurious and expensive resorts to purely budgeted stay. This island of Phuket is so huge that it can easily earn a status of province. The international airport in Phuket has almost daily direct flights to almost each of the major cities of whole Asia. This defines its popularity and status.

    • Original name of the island is not Phuket

    Before Phuket became so much popular before the time of this travellers era, Phuket was called something else by the miners and sea travellers. The island of Phuket was very much rich in the tin ore in the past times and the people of that era called Phuket as jungceylon and it was mispronounced as tanjung salang from the malay language. In today’s time, jungceylon is the name of a big and famous shopping mall located in Patong.

    • Busiest beach in Phuket is patong beach

    Phuket consists of almost over 30 beaches but number one ranking is achieved by the patong beach. The specialties of patong beach are its gorgeous night life, it’s delicious dining options and inexpensive shopping centers. In original meaning, patongs meant a forest which is filled up with banana trees, but now there are no banana trees which can be seen in this island. However there is a widely spread misconception as to patong defines Phuket which is not at all true. There are many other serene and pristine beaches in Phuket which is worth visiting like Kamala, Bangtao, Kata, Nai Harn, Surin and many such others which is worth visiting and probably better than Patong.

    • A great place for wedding and honeymoon

    If you are planning a luxurious destination wedding, then Phuket will one of the most desirable and adorable destination for wedding.  Not only for wedding, Phuket is also very much deserving as a honeymoon spot.

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    Remarkable Islands of Hawaii

    Posted In: Destinations by Robert

    Hawaii…nothing but a dream land that any person would like to visit. A place that dazzles you, and makes you feel like you are in another world, away from the worries of home. There are sunny, sandy beaches, beautiful sunsets, crashing waves, and underwater wildlife. You may have trouble deciding which island to visit, so here is a list of the most beautiful islands of Hawaii that you should consider:


    Maui“Maui no ka oi”. Many people believe Maui is the best island of Hawaii. It is preferred by visitors that venture from island to island, and everyone has expressed an interest in returning after a single visit. Maui offers the big city feel of Oahu, the county life of Kauai. It is a great choice for honeymoons and families. There are Maui luxury rentals on the island that will give you easy access to all the island can offer. Top natural attractions are the Hana highway, the Haleakela National Park, and other things like wind surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, etc.


    OahuIf are the kind that enjoys city life, Oahu is the best place you can choose in Hawaii. Spectacular accommodation, delicious local cuisine, and the lively city atmosphere is what this Hawaiian place offers you. Oahu is a great combination of attractive city life and cultural and historical sites and museums which will leave you amazed.It is nicknamed “the gathering place”. Oahu is definitely a place where you will love to spend your time and gather memories. It’s not only the city life which gathers your attention, just try out the water activities and beach treasures.

    Hawaii’s big island

    big island of hawaiiThe big island is by far the most diverse island of Hawaii and the name fits. It’s big really very BIG. It’s a combination of all other islands of Hawaii. There are lava fields and snow capped mountains, barren grasslands and lush jungle terrain. So want to feel young again, visit the big island of Hawaii. Waipio Valley, Kilauea is one place you should visit. The activities which grab your attention are horse riding, bird watching, hiking in a lava flow, and the best thing is to see the lava getting mixed with the ocean. Do visit the big island of Hawaii if you are fond of all this activities.

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    Top Museums of the World

    Posted In: Destinations by Robert

    Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC, United States

    Smithsonian Museum

    Smithsonian institution, considered to be the world’s largest research and museum complex. It consists of 19 museums and galleries, the national zoological park, and many more research centers. There are total 137 million objects which depicts the story of America which is kept in this museum. With so many objects present in the museum, it’s really very difficult to see all the things. It is such a vast gallery to see that if you take a single minute day and night to see each object on the exhibit then also you will require ten years and that would also be only 10% of the whole. Thus it is advisable to visit it with a plan and focus on only 1 or 2 exhibit which is most popular.

    Advisable attractions are the dresses of the first ladies, Dorothy’s ruby red slippers, and the original star spangled banner at the national museum of American history. Also watch out the spirit of St Louis and the Apollo 11 command module at the National Air and Space Museum.

    Le Louvre, Paris, France  

    Le Louvre MuseumTwo centuries ago, Louvre was a medieval fortress which was then converted into a museum. In 1989 an addition in the entrance of the museum was made which made its exterior world famous. This addition was a pyramid in the entrance. The collection of this museum is undoubtedly world famous. But the epic collection is Leonardo da vinci’s “Mona Lisa”. A good place to start to visit this museum is the sully Wing, at the foundations of Phillipe-Auguste’s medieval keep – it is considered to be the heart of the Louvre. It is kids favorite and it leads you straight to the Egyptian rooms. Venus de Milo and Winged victory of Samothrace are must watchable things in this museum.

    The Acropolis Museum, Athens, Greece

    Athens Acropolis MuseumThis museum focuses on the findings of archeological site of the Acropolis of Athens. This museum covers every artifact from Greek Bronze age to Roman and Byzantine Greece. The ground floor gallery has splendid transparent glass floor which gives you a walk over history. You can find the interesting history of Athenians from each historic period while sloping upwards to the acropolis. Some of the settlements have been excavated showing some little glimpses of Athenian life. The main attraction in this museum is Frieze of the Parthenon which is mounted on the structure with the same dimension as the cella of the Parthenon, showing every comprehensive detail.

    State Hermitage, St Petersburg, Russia

    State Hermitage MuseumIt is a museum of art and sculpture. Russia may lag behind in matter of art in comparison of France, Rome and London but hermitage manages to collect a splendid collection of world art. Considered to be the world’s largest and by far the oldest museum of the world, Hermitage consists almost 3 million items. It was founded by Catherine the great in 1764 when she purchased 255 paintings from Berlin. This museum shows a spectacular collection starting from the Stone Age to the early 20th century. This museum consists of six large historic buildings consisting of palace Embankment, winter palace, and a former residence of Russian emperors.


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    Places to Visit in Machu Picchu

    Posted In: Destinations by cooldude

    Visit in Machu PicchuAlso known as ‘the lost city of Incas’ by many renowned archaeologists in the 1911 this city is a treat for people who are looking for an adventure holiday to go in their vacations. Declared as one by the UNESCO as the world heritage sites this place in Peru has got a rising popularity and if you are on a trip to Peru this place should not at all be missed. This place is a treat for history lovers too and can be make a family trip also. Remember always that if you are planning a vacation to Machu Picchu then the booking for the hotels you might want to live in has to be done way in advance. This is because sine a few years now this place has become a favourite tourist attraction and is always booked and filled by tourists.

    Before you start your hiking expedition (which is one activity which most people do) you need to reach this place by train and get down at the station of Ollantaytambo. Here is a small cafe which may prove to be the inception of your adventurous hike to the hills of Machu Picchu. The hills of this place are the main attraction- they are beautiful to look at and have such beautiful scenery and grandeur that it may be breathtaking once you reach. Remember always to be well equipped when the hiking starts.

    The ‘dead woman’s pass’ is a tricky first pass which is a major attraction for every tourist. The beauty is also captured by the sacred valley and the river that passes through it- the Urubamba River. It is a spectacular natural sight. Also, the Andes Mountains and their cover which are the tropical rainforests are fantastic and beautiful to look at too.

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    Mesmerizing Trip to Sri Lanka

    Posted In: Destinations by cooldude

    Trip to Sri LankaSri Lanka can be can exciting tourist destination with its amazing beaches, rare wildlife and the historical monuments. There are many unique locations and places of interest which you should surely visit. There are some really interesting historic attractions which are near about 2500 years old. Temples, monuments and forts make it a really colorful place.

    a) Anuradhapur is a very old city and is regarded as a rich heritage site by UNESCO. Some of the most interesting tourist spots here are monasteries and Buddhist temples like Ruwanwelisaya and Sri Maha Bodhiya.
    b) Yala National Reserve gives you ample opportunities to have a view of the rare wildlife species. It is a huge park which is spread across a very wide distance and is completely green. It has elephants, leopards and buffaloes. Rare species of birds are also found here. Some of which are also on the verge of extinction.
    c) A trip to Ratnapura is an amazing experience because of the scenery that it offers to its visitors. Sinharaja rain forest is an exciting tourist spot from here.
    d) Unawatuna beach is an interesting coastline that allows you to have a beautiful evening among the golden sand and the pristine waters of the ocean. It provides you with a wide variety of exotic fish. This beach also gives an opportunity for scuba diving for the adventure lovers.
    e) Colombo is a very lively and colorful state. This has a lot of rural environment and ambiance that has a many exciting things to offer you.
    f) Dambulla is one of the major tourist attractions. It has immense archeological relevance. It provides a place for excavation projects.
    g) Kataragama is one of the best places in Sri Lanka, It is well known for the shrine of Lord Skanda. This place is very popular among the people because of its cultural relevance.

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    holiday destinations in SpainAre you planning for a family holiday? If you are getting confused regarding which place will be an ideal destination for you, then you can undoubtedly choose Spain, as it has proved to be one of the top locations to visit. Thousands of visitors visit this place time and time again because of the tourist attractions, the extraordinary weather and the charming nightlife. Spain can provide you the ultimate satisfaction that you will want being on a holiday. The top 2 places that in no way can be missed if you are visiting Spain are—

    Barcelona– Barcelona is the ideal place for those who have an attraction towards beautiful scenery. You and your can capture some outstanding creation of the nature. Primarily Barcelona was a only a sight-seeing spot but with time a wide range of galleries and museums have been built here. Slightly older children of yours should be thoroughly enjoyed with the culture that Barcelona provides. A perfect place for families who love to learn and explore and the transport facilities will not allow you miss anything that the city offers. If you are keen towards sports you should surely visit Estadi Olimpic Lluis Companys and the Nou Camp Football Stadium.

    Benidorm— If you have a younger kid and is worried about your kid getting bored on a holiday, you must be there at Benidorm. Situated just outside of Alicante there are exotic sandy beaches and masses of entertainment at this place which is just too perfect for the families who are fond of fun and frolic. A must visit place in Benidorm is the Terra Mitica park where you would feel like staying for the whole day because of heart whelming scenario. Though, if you want to go away from the heat of the sun, options are available. The Aqualandia water park is the best place for those who love water rides or simply enjoy putting the legs into the water accompanied by the sun rays.

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    hong kong tour, travel asiaThe dynamic city of Hong Kong has recently become a very popular holiday destination among the tourists belonging to the different parts of the world. The history of Hong Kong is very interestingly reflected in the cityscape and its architecture. If you are visiting Hong Kong for the very first time then you might not be acquainted with the island that well. This article will highlight certain things that will help you when you visit Hong Kong.

    The languages spoken by the people of Hong Kong are Cantonese Chinese and English. So carry a translation book for Cantonese Chinese and not Mandarin Chinese. You know that Hong Kong is vulnerable to typhoons and the weather in the island is at times quite windy and chilly. Thus it is advised that you pack a raincoat, umbrella and jacket along with your other belongings. Since Macau is situated very close to Hong Kong. You can even plan a detour and spend a day or two in Macau.

    Shenzhen is another place that is close to Hong Kong. If you want to shop for electronic goods then a visit to Shenzhen is must. Remember that the currency that is valid in Hong Kong is the HKD (Hong Kong Dollars). Hong Kong is the most famous shopping destination in the world. Therefore make sure that you visit the popular shopping spots in Hong Kong such as Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon etc. You can even engage in bargaining in the local markets in Hong Kong and buy things at an affordable price.

    The subway is the main means of transportation around the island. But you should try to avoid the subway during the rush hours. You must visit the following top attractions in Hong Kong- Ocean Park, The Peak, Symphony of Lights, Disneyland, The Big Buddha and Ngong Ping Monastery etc.

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    Planning a trip to Austria

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    The beautiful country of Austria casts a mesmerizing spell on its visitors with its magnificent snow capped peaks and lush flowery valleys. The Swiss neighbor is renowned for its rich history, scenic places and also provides ample opportunity to get into adventurous activities. Here is a brief on different attractions to enjoy in your Austria trip.

    Vienna State Opera is one of the must visits for every tourist here. The dazzling architectural structure is believed to be the most celebrated of opera houses ever with the best orchestra in world. It offers shows with both classical & contemporary flavors. You will also like Hohensalzburg castle, one of the largest & well-preserved European castles displaying stellar architectural specimen from the medieval era.

    Hiking along the magnificent Alps is very popular among Austria tourists. Skiing is highly practiced here and Seefeld will offer you ample scope to try out your skiing skills.

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    Top 5 destinations in Europe

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    5 destinations in EuropeEurope is a place that is known to be a tourist’s delight. This continent has got everything that all the tourists want. There are a lot of options for tourists to visit and these options give rise to confusion. Here is the list of the destinations that you cannot afford to miss while travelling Europe.
    • Paris is one of the most romantic destinations in the world. This is a dream paradise for every lover in the world. You need to visit the place to believe that love is really in the air.
    • London the place where you can witness the mixture of history and modern day. The place is full of historical monuments and here you can also enjoy the modern day lifestyle.
    • Spain is a country where you can find some great sports that are the tradition of Spain. The bull fight is a traditional fight in Spain that you can enjoy. The country is also famous for its culture and traditional background.
    • If you are touring Europe then definitely you cannot miss the historical country of Greece. There you can relive the historical moments and live with it.
    • Switzerland is another destination in Europe that is famous for all the winter sports and its romantic essence.
    While enjoying the magical essence of Europe make sure that you witness these five beauty spots of the continent.

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