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    Top 5 beaches in Asia

    Posted In: Beaches by cooldude

    beaches in AsiaSo your wedding is round the corner and you want to celebrate your togetherness by gifting your spouse a honeymoon of a lifetime. Now destinations will depend a lot on the preference of your spouse. Nevertheless if he/she loves nature at its magnificent best, is a water baby and loves to party like no one is watching, then no other destination can work out better than a beach. When it comes to beaches, Asia sure has a lot to offer in its repertoire. Find below top 5 beach destinations of Asia that is sure to take your breath away.

    1. Palawan, Philippines: Palawan is an island which is located in the Mimaropa region. Quite a popular attraction among tourists, Palawan is known allover for its amazing beaches, primeval caves, lush green tropical forest and picturesque mountain ranges. All in all its truly paradise at its best in the lap of Mother Earth.

    2. Bali, Indonesia: When it comes to absolute solace and total tranquility, no other destination can match Bali. The destination is home to numerous magnificent beaches such as Sanur Beach, Kuta beach, Seminyak Beach and Legian beach. When in Bali you can enjoy a great surf as well. Now posing a striking contrast to its tranquility, the destination is also known for its thriving nightlife. Talking about food, Bali has lots of local lip smacking delicacies to offer as well. And Bali’s sunset and sunrise are bound to take your breath away.

    3. Phuket, Thailand: From white sandy pristine beaches, to ocean which is as blue as it gets, from lush velvety green jungles to the soul pampering massages, Phuket has it all! You can even visit the stunning James Bond Island to enjoy snorkeling.

    4. Male, Maldives: Maldives is known all over not only for its outstanding natural extravaganza but also for its man-made recreations. The destination is basically a coral island cluster, thus giving you the taste of water life at its best. Want to discover the mysterious under ocean life with your loved one; at Maldives you can easily do so. Grab your, scuba gear, get hold of a trainer and discover majesty at its very best. Now coming to local cuisines, nothing more needs to be said about Maldives. Tourists come from all over the globe to get a taste of the finger licking goodness of local seafood.

    5. Goa, India: Goa is known as India’s beach capital which is home to some odd 40 beaches. Amazing food, fun water sports, and a riot of colors is what Goa is all about. And if cheap yet trendy shopping is your deal, no other destination can live up to your expectation.

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    Planning a beach holiday in Thailand

    Posted In: Beaches by cooldude

    beach holiday in ThailandThailand is famous for its beach luxury which draws in a huge host of tourists from all around the world every year. There is a galore of beaches adorning the Thai nation, each with its own distinct aura. Are you too planning a beach holiday in Thailand? Well, that’s great but your taut itinerary might not allow you to frequent all of them at one go- thus here is a post on the top That beaches so that you don’t miss out on the best of Thai beach culture.

    First and foremost you have the famous Patong beach. The picturesque Patong is situated on the Phuket island and its vibrant ambience all the year round has made it the most popular amidst the Thai beaches. The beach is well packed with gourmet and shopping destinations as well as great partying opportunities. Add on to it the beauty of the soft pristine sandy stretch & wide coastline that conjure up together to present a truly mesmeric view for you.

    Then, you have Maya Bay which is located at Ko Phi Phi. If Patong is famous for its vivacity & warmth, Maya is adored for its breathtaking scenery. The beach is said to present the best of scenery in entire Thailand. You will get boat trips that will sailt you towards Maya Bay to relish its spectacular view.

    Don’t miss out on Hat Sai Kaeo beach located at Ko Sametalso. It’s again one of the most scenic beaches here and is especially famous for the aquatic adventures it offers its travelers with. If you are in a mood for some thrilling fun in your beach holiday, Hat Sai is the place for you. The beach allows you to engage yourself in a wide variety of adventures such as windsurfing, jetskiing, swimming, banana boat riding and so on.

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    Top beaches in Central America

    Posted In: Beaches by cooldude

    beaches in Central America, america beachesAre you looking for a stunningly beautiful place to visit? Well, if your answer is in the affirmative then you should plan a vacation to Central America. Central America is paradise and the one thing that attracts thousands of people to this part of the world every year is the diverse beaches. Central America is dotted with a plethora of beaches and not only can you relax on these beaches, you can also indulge in a wide variety of activities here. Here are a few beaches in Central America that you should explore during your vacation.

    The first Central American beach that you must visit is the Playa Taramindo Beach which is a very long beach along the Costa Rican coast. The waves here reach up to 12 feet during the months of November and December and you can indulge in activities like scuba diving and surfing on this beach. Sailing tours, snorkel tours and sunset cruises are extremely popular at the Playa Taramindo Beach and you can be rest assured that you family will have to great time enjoying these activities. Flights to Central America are quite pocket friendly at the moment and you can plan a trip here with your family easily.

    Another beach that you cannot absolutely miss out on during your trip is the Placencia. Placencia is known as the ‘Home of the Barefoot Beach’ and there is about 15 miles of natural sand that covers the coastline of this beach. Throughout the peninsular here you will be able to witness exotic birds, butterflies and flowers and you will get to experience and witness nature at its very best. You can sail down the water if you want to or you can choose to simply relax on the sand with your family. You must also visit the Bocas del Toro beach.

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    If you are planning for an exotic and thrilling adventure with water sports or wanting to relax on the clear sandy beaches, the Caribbean islands are ideal for you.

    But first of all make sure you have a valid passport to ensure a carefree entry. If you are traveling with kids then keep the necessary documents (like the certificate notifying your relation with the child) ready as per the special rules of the land.

    It is also equally important to consult a good yacht broker to help you in selecting the best sailing vessel and the cabin layout within your budget and planning. You should also reserve the hotels in advance to assure a hassle free traveling. The ideal time for visiting the islands are the shower free months from December to May. Also, most of the celebrations of the island take place during these months. Avoid tap water and do not forget to carry your medicine box while you are on the islands.

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    Things you must see in Rhodes

    Posted In: Beaches, Destinations by oldtowntravel

    Rhodes Island is one the top tourist spots of the world. 70% of the income of this place comes through its tourists and it invites more than 10 million people every year. So, what is it that appeals to people to come here? Let us see about that.

    Every part in Greece is rich with its oozing history and Rhodes is no exception. All the streets and buildings in this Island are very old and they reflect the architectural history of the Greek, Turkish and Italian people who lived here once. Then there is the soothing Greek food which is hard to find in other parts of the world.

    Of course, there are the numerous beaches. What is more important to notice about these beaches is the fact that they all have their respective themes. Elli beach is soothing with the setting sun and folded umbrellas while Kolimbia beach is modern with a trendy setting.

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    St. Martin is obviously one of top islands of the World and it is in fact the most visited Island in the Caribbean. So, what makes St. Martin this famous? You really can’t generalize that factor. It is the combination of the culture, the sun, and the beaches and of course the shopping!

    There are not many places where you can skinny dip these days. But you can do that here. Many beaches in the eastern part of the Island are deserted so it is your time to get a full body tan. The other important thing you should know about this place is that every product sold here is duty-free. So, it is possible that you can find goods that are more than 50% cheap. If you are an US citizen, you can bring home pralign=”left” style=”padding-right:10px”oducts that are worth not more than $800. So, this makes people come back to this wonder Island again and again.

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    The Scenic Cayo Largo of Cuba

    Posted In: Beaches, Destinations by oldtowntravel

    Located 50 kilometers away from Cuba is the Island of Cayo Largo. It is famous for its clean beaches, intriguing wildlife and spotless beauty. Another important attraction of Cayo Largo is its numerous diving spots. Diving has grown into a favorite pastime of the people all around the world but there are not many natural diving spots in their country. But Cayo Largo alone has over 25 natural diving spots which make it a natural tourist spot for thousands of professional and amateur divers.

    While the south side of this small Island is famous for its beaches, the north side is famous for its salt pans and mangrove forests. The famous Sirena Beach is present here. This beach is always cold in spite of how hot the sun is due to its oolitic sand. Generally, the climate is sub-tropical over here and that favors all the travelers who come from various parts of the world.

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    The ever humid St Thomas

    Posted In: Beaches by oldtowntravel

    If you are looking for a place to escape from the unbearable cold of the winter, then St. Thomas located in the Caribbean is your answer. Well, there are other Islands of the Caribbean which remain humid then why should you choose St. Thomas? Here are the reasons why!

    Every Island has its own group of beaches but the ones in St. Thomas are small hence free from tourist crowd. Then, they are 100% natural and you can even see the true blue color of the sea water in them. Then there are the mountains. There are not many Islands in which you can see beaches near the mountains.

    One great advantage that this Island has over the others is the fact that their official language is English. It is always better to go to a place where you can easily communicate. Then more importantly, if you are an US citizen, you don’t need a passport to go there as they are part of US Virgin Islands.

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    The enjoyable Island of St. John

    Posted In: Beaches by oldtowntravel

    The fleet of the US Virgin Islands has been turning into a holiday paradise for many people around the world. Located 40 minutes away from the famous St. Thomas is the natural and beautiful St. John. There are many ferries that operate between these two Islands so it is always wise to see them both on your trip.

    The Island is more commercial nowadays and so you don’t have to worry about being stranded. Even though the commercialization has struck the Islands, they are still very calm and serene as always. Beaches such as the Trunk Bay and the Solomon Beach are one of the best beaches in the Caribbean and all these beaches are open for the public. The National Park located here offers 20 miles of natural hiking tracks. You can also go for horse riding, diving and fishing in this Island. Overall, it is only fair to say that you will be overwhelmed by this Island once you go there.

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    Dingle Peninsula is the land area bounded by water on three sides at the south of Ireland. This area is well known for its tourist attraction due to large number of historical and archaeological monuments.

    Many researchers have said that this place has evidences which denote the settlement of people in this area well before 4000 BC. They also say that the Dingle peninsula is one of the earlier human established places in the United Kingdom.
    This place is also the birth place of the Ogham stones which are large stones that were used to denote directions and other land related information. Since this place is located in the remotest corner of the world, many monastic settlements could be related back here. Even today there are more than 25 settlements which can be seen here.

    History is still oozing from the rocks and sands of Dingle. It is surely a place that you wouldn’t want to miss.

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