Facts about phuketPhuket is one of the most popular destinations across the world. If you have been fortunate enough to have a tour and visit places in Phuket then it is very good but you are one of them who haven’t visited Phuket might be inte4reted in knowing all about Phuket. You might be wondering what is there in this place which attracts people so much. It has so many scattered and beautiful beaches and much of the exciting activities and many more things which you might not be aware but will be stunned when you know them. Here are some of the fun facts about Phuket.



  • It’s the biggest island in Thailand

Thailand is a very wide spot and consists of so many wide and beautiful places. Phuket is one of them. In fact Phuket is biggest island in whole Thailand. The total area of Phuket is about 540 sqm which is close to the area of whole Singapore. Phuket is very popular in Thailand because of its beautiful and pleasant white pleasant beaches, crazy and exciting nightlife, crystal clear water and wide and excellent islands. Phuket is also a nice place to have stayed as it offers its stay from super luxurious and expensive resorts to purely budgeted stay. This island of Phuket is so huge that it can easily earn a status of province. The international airport in Phuket has almost daily direct flights to almost each of the major cities of whole Asia. This defines its popularity and status.

  • Original name of the island is not Phuket

Before Phuket became so much popular before the time of this travellers era, Phuket was called something else by the miners and sea travellers. The island of Phuket was very much rich in the tin ore in the past times and the people of that era called Phuket as jungceylon and it was mispronounced as tanjung salang from the malay language. In today’s time, jungceylon is the name of a big and famous shopping mall located in Patong.

  • Busiest beach in Phuket is patong beach

Phuket consists of almost over 30 beaches but number one ranking is achieved by the patong beach. The specialties of patong beach are its gorgeous night life, it’s delicious dining options and inexpensive shopping centers. In original meaning, patongs meant a forest which is filled up with banana trees, but now there are no banana trees which can be seen in this island. However there is a widely spread misconception as to patong defines Phuket which is not at all true. There are many other serene and pristine beaches in Phuket which is worth visiting like Kamala, Bangtao, Kata, Nai Harn, Surin and many such others which is worth visiting and probably better than Patong.

  • A great place for wedding and honeymoon

If you are planning a luxurious destination wedding, then Phuket will one of the most desirable and adorable destination for wedding.  Not only for wedding, Phuket is also very much deserving as a honeymoon spot.