Hawaii…nothing but a dream land that any person would like to visit. A place that dazzles you, and makes you feel like you are in another world, away from the worries of home. There are sunny, sandy beaches, beautiful sunsets, crashing waves, and underwater wildlife. You may have trouble deciding which island to visit, so here is a list of the most beautiful islands of Hawaii that you should consider:


Maui“Maui no ka oi”. Many people believe Maui is the best island of Hawaii. It is preferred by visitors that venture from island to island, and everyone has expressed an interest in returning after a single visit. Maui offers the big city feel of Oahu, the county life of Kauai. It is a great choice for honeymoons and families. There are Maui luxury rentals on the island that will give you easy access to all the island can offer. Top natural attractions are the Hana highway, the Haleakela National Park, and other things like wind surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, etc.


OahuIf are the kind that enjoys city life, Oahu is the best place you can choose in Hawaii. Spectacular accommodation, delicious local cuisine, and the lively city atmosphere is what this Hawaiian place offers you. Oahu is a great combination of attractive city life and cultural and historical sites and museums which will leave you amazed.It is nicknamed “the gathering place”. Oahu is definitely a place where you will love to spend your time and gather memories. It’s not only the city life which gathers your attention, just try out the water activities and beach treasures.

Hawaii’s big island

big island of hawaiiThe big island is by far the most diverse island of Hawaii and the name fits. It’s big really very BIG. It’s a combination of all other islands of Hawaii. There are lava fields and snow capped mountains, barren grasslands and lush jungle terrain. So want to feel young again, visit the big island of Hawaii. Waipio Valley, Kilauea is one place you should visit. The activities which grab your attention are horse riding, bird watching, hiking in a lava flow, and the best thing is to see the lava getting mixed with the ocean. Do visit the big island of Hawaii if you are fond of all this activities.