European food in ShanghaiShanghai is considered to be one of the most modern places in the world and if you pay a visit there you will be astonished to explore those great places. When it comes to food people do not compromise on it and that is why there are some of the best restaurants here. If you are fond of European food then Shanghai has lots of restaurants who serve them. Given below are the restaurants where you will find European food in Shanghai:

• Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet- it has a wide range of European food and it is well known for its reception and quality of food. Located near The Bund, Ultraviolet is considered as the best place to dine in Shanghai. Apart from European food it also serves contemporary and French dishes as well. The overall atmosphere and decoration is excellent and people have highly recommended this place for its culinary level. Although the price is a bit on the higher side but with the food and drinks which are served it would not affect you at all.

• The Cathay Room- this is another restaurant where you will find some delicious European food. It has also got the Certificate of Excellence 2013 for the good food they serve. People who have visited this restaurant have said that it has a homely ambience which makes it a must visit when you are in Shanghai. It is located near Pudong skyline and the view from this restaurant is excellent.

• The House of Roosevelt- this restaurant was also awarded the Certificate of Excellence 2013 and it is highly recommended for those who love European food. Apart from European they also serve continental and international dishes. In addition to this it has an amazing wine bar with some of the best drinks in the world. The location of The House of Roosevelt is also something that attracts people. You will be able to see the bends in the river while enjoying your food here.

• Grill Room- Grill Room is another restaurant which is very popular for European dishes. In fact it only serves European food and nothing else. The service is excellent in this restaurant and the steaks are outstanding. It is located near the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The price of the food is also reasonable and the homely atmosphere will definitely make you visit this place again.