Visit in Machu PicchuAlso known as ‘the lost city of Incas’ by many renowned archaeologists in the 1911 this city is a treat for people who are looking for an adventure holiday to go in their vacations. Declared as one by the UNESCO as the world heritage sites this place in Peru has got a rising popularity and if you are on a trip to Peru this place should not at all be missed. This place is a treat for history lovers too and can be make a family trip also. Remember always that if you are planning a vacation to Machu Picchu then the booking for the hotels you might want to live in has to be done way in advance. This is because sine a few years now this place has become a favourite tourist attraction and is always booked and filled by tourists.

Before you start your hiking expedition (which is one activity which most people do) you need to reach this place by train and get down at the station of Ollantaytambo. Here is a small cafe which may prove to be the inception of your adventurous hike to the hills of Machu Picchu. The hills of this place are the main attraction- they are beautiful to look at and have such beautiful scenery and grandeur that it may be breathtaking once you reach. Remember always to be well equipped when the hiking starts.

The ‘dead woman’s pass’ is a tricky first pass which is a major attraction for every tourist. The beauty is also captured by the sacred valley and the river that passes through it- the Urubamba River. It is a spectacular natural sight. Also, the Andes Mountains and their cover which are the tropical rainforests are fantastic and beautiful to look at too.