Mount Kilimanjaro AfricaThe majestic Mount Kilimanjaro is a historic image of Africa and an incredible trekking experience. From the exhibition of incredible forests and plains around its base, to the unforgettable experience of viewing the sunrise from its summit, a trekking trip to Kilimanjaro gives you a chance to view the world’s splendor and vastness. It is also one of the greatest physical challenges you can make your body go through. Below are few tips that should help you make the most out of your trip.

Which route to take?

If you approach the place from south, the Marangu route is popular, well worn and a quicker route than others. An alternative is the Lemosho route from the west. This takes longer than the Marangu route, but gives you the chance of viewing the natural beauty on the mountain, wildlife rich forests as well as the stunning visuals of the Shira Plateau.

When to go?

Kilimanjaro gets heavy rainfall from March to June and moderate rainfall from November to early December. January and February are the most pleasing months. Even the phase of July to September is warm and dry. These are the best times to go trekking on Kilimanjaro.

Don’t rush it

Those who come keeping time in hand are the ones who enjoy the trekking experience at Kilimanjaro the most. If you need to rush back home to get back to office soon, Kilimanjaro is not the right place. You should take time to acclimatize yourself to the great altitude of the place, and the rest of the trip should be a super fun experience.

Train yourself

You need to train yourself both physically and mentally. You must train yourself to go through long, tough walks, carrying the load of the heavy gear. The walk can at times be inclined too. You must also talk to people who have been here before, or read a lot of books and do proper research to have a clear knowledge about the various challenges that you will face at Kilimanjaro.