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    hong kong tour, travel asiaThe dynamic city of Hong Kong has recently become a very popular holiday destination among the tourists belonging to the different parts of the world. The history of Hong Kong is very interestingly reflected in the cityscape and its architecture. If you are visiting Hong Kong for the very first time then you might not be acquainted with the island that well. This article will highlight certain things that will help you when you visit Hong Kong.

    The languages spoken by the people of Hong Kong are Cantonese Chinese and English. So carry a translation book for Cantonese Chinese and not Mandarin Chinese. You know that Hong Kong is vulnerable to typhoons and the weather in the island is at times quite windy and chilly. Thus it is advised that you pack a raincoat, umbrella and jacket along with your other belongings. Since Macau is situated very close to Hong Kong. You can even plan a detour and spend a day or two in Macau.

    Shenzhen is another place that is close to Hong Kong. If you want to shop for electronic goods then a visit to Shenzhen is must. Remember that the currency that is valid in Hong Kong is the HKD (Hong Kong Dollars). Hong Kong is the most famous shopping destination in the world. Therefore make sure that you visit the popular shopping spots in Hong Kong such as Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon etc. You can even engage in bargaining in the local markets in Hong Kong and buy things at an affordable price.

    The subway is the main means of transportation around the island. But you should try to avoid the subway during the rush hours. You must visit the following top attractions in Hong Kong- Ocean Park, The Peak, Symphony of Lights, Disneyland, The Big Buddha and Ngong Ping Monastery etc.

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    Top beaches in Central America

    Posted In: Beaches by cooldude

    beaches in Central America, america beachesAre you looking for a stunningly beautiful place to visit? Well, if your answer is in the affirmative then you should plan a vacation to Central America. Central America is paradise and the one thing that attracts thousands of people to this part of the world every year is the diverse beaches. Central America is dotted with a plethora of beaches and not only can you relax on these beaches, you can also indulge in a wide variety of activities here. Here are a few beaches in Central America that you should explore during your vacation.

    The first Central American beach that you must visit is the Playa Taramindo Beach which is a very long beach along the Costa Rican coast. The waves here reach up to 12 feet during the months of November and December and you can indulge in activities like scuba diving and surfing on this beach. Sailing tours, snorkel tours and sunset cruises are extremely popular at the Playa Taramindo Beach and you can be rest assured that you family will have to great time enjoying these activities. Flights to Central America are quite pocket friendly at the moment and you can plan a trip here with your family easily.

    Another beach that you cannot absolutely miss out on during your trip is the Placencia. Placencia is known as the ‘Home of the Barefoot Beach’ and there is about 15 miles of natural sand that covers the coastline of this beach. Throughout the peninsular here you will be able to witness exotic birds, butterflies and flowers and you will get to experience and witness nature at its very best. You can sail down the water if you want to or you can choose to simply relax on the sand with your family. You must also visit the Bocas del Toro beach.

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