Louvre Museum in ParisThe Louvre Museum in Paris is one of most museums all around the world. It is estimated that around 8 million tourists visit the museum every year. It is built in the site of an old castle. There are many famous paintings in this Louvre Museum.

The most famous painting of the Louvre Museum is the Monalisa by Leonardo da Vinci. It is this painting which has made Louvre so famous among the people all around the world. The Louvre Museum is located in a very popular place in Paris by the river Seine. The Louvre also has the Carrousel and the Tuileries Garden which is a very popular place for taking a casual stroll.

The Louvre is characterized by the Glass Pyramid Structure located in the central courtyard. It is from this place where you have to enter the museum and take a look at the artifacts and paintings. You can even experience sculptures, paintings, architectural works of the Roman, Greek, Egyptian which dates back to even the middle ages.

Taking a tour of the Louvre Museum is a really lifetime experience for any people. You need a complete day to detour the whole museum and see each and every important things there.