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    Japan and its numerous attractions

    Posted In: Destinations by cooldude

    Japan is a very popular tourist place for people around the world. Hoards of visitors flock to the country to soak in its culture and see the beautiful country. However, though most people visit the traditionally famous locations of Japan, they miss out on some of the very beautiful but less popular destinations. Kanawaza city, part of the Ishikawa Prefecture, is one such place.

    This city is located in the north of Tokyo and is bordered by the mountains and the sea. It is one of the better preserved country side of Japan. The castles of this town are very famous and are very well maintained. These are a must see for anyone visiting this city along with the national park nearby. This city lies between the rivers Asano and Sai and has a climate similar to Tokyo. These make the place a very serene place to spend valuable time in. The landscaped garden over here is another big draw for tourists.

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    There are reasons why New York is known to be the greatest city in the world. Living a life in New York is dream come true for almost everyone from the middle class society. A life in NY will indeed be fabulous with the famous Times Square where the world wants to be on the eve of every New Year. The statue of liberty and the head quarters of most of the renowned organizations of the world dwell in the heart of this city.

    The very idea of living in USA potentially the most economically stable nation excites everyone around; add to which NYC or New York City, spells out the utter elegance itself. If you sit back to calculate you might not be able to come up with any disadvantages of staying in NYC. Life cannot get better staying here as you can find everything that you will ever need, literally everything.

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