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    Building a fire needs a lot of patience and skill. However in case you are building a fire on a damp night, the task becomes quite difficult. In fact you might even find that the task is next to impossible. However in case you are planning to build a fire on such a day, there are some tricks that you could adopt to solve your problem.

    The first point that you would have to keep in mind is that one of the primary reasons the fire does not get lighted up in the moist weather condition is that the wood is damp. Wood tends o be porous in nature and absorbs as well as retains moisture. This means that when you are trying to build fire, what you really will have to deal with is the damp wood. Try to get pine trees with fat wood. These have high oil content and tend to burn well. Wood inside the large and wide logs is good for this purpose as well.

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    Adventurous people love to set out for a hiking trip very often. It is a cheap way to come closer to nature and loosen up your body and soul. Planning a hiking trip is not a tough task and there are certain things to be kept in mind when planning to go for a hiking trip.

    You must be physically fit and healthy for a hiking trip as people who get exhausted soon cannot walk for long distances. Hike to the distance and place which you thing you can manage without facing difficulties. Do not choose elevation changes if you have a fear of heights. Do find out about the weather conditions you will face during the hike so that you can gear yourself up to face it or in worse case scenarios, postpone the plan. Do not forget to carry the necessary hiking gears like tents, sleeping bags, flashlight, etc. Lastly, carry a first-aid kit in case of injuries.

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    The undisclosed beauties in Hawaii

    Posted In: Destinations by cooldude

    All of us dream of relishing a Hawaiian vacation some day. The islands are best known for its lovely pristine beaches, secluded yet amazing waterfalls and fantastic gardens. But there are some undisclosed beauties too.

    One of the most unusual tourist destinations of the State is its Hawaii Volcano National Park. The islands host some the very vibrant volcanoes and the most massive among them is the Mauna Loa and Kilauea Crater. They become active after every 3-4 years entertaining people with unique fireworks. Sometimes the steam, which rises up as clouds, condenses and comes back as rain droplets. It creates a type of beautiful rainbow like effect then as the gold and rose from the bright hot caverns get diffused into the raindrops.

    The Kalaupapa National Historical Park in Molokai is another unusual tourist attraction of Hawaii. Situated on the remote Kalaupapa Peninsula, the beautiful park offers a handsome view being surrounded by steep cliffs and the deep blue ocean and its diverse aquatic life.

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    Usually, we always wonder about the most hyped places and yet we fail to visit the ones that are right near us. Just near the cost of California is one such Island named Catalina. With the ever inspiring smell of eucalyptus and pleasant warm temperature, Catalina is definitely one place you should not miss.

    The oceans around here are very clear making them perfect for sports like snorkeling, swimming and diving. A festival known as the “Flying Fish Festival” is held annually in Catalina. During this festival, you can expect to see dolphins, penguins and other sea animals. There are not many places in which you can see the natural Blue Whale, the largest animal in the planet. But when you go to Catalina, you can at least see 5 of them during your stay.

    Similarly, there are many attractions to this beautiful Island. If you ever go to California, make sure you visit this place.

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    If you are planning for an exotic and thrilling adventure with water sports or wanting to relax on the clear sandy beaches, the Caribbean islands are ideal for you.

    But first of all make sure you have a valid passport to ensure a carefree entry. If you are traveling with kids then keep the necessary documents (like the certificate notifying your relation with the child) ready as per the special rules of the land.

    It is also equally important to consult a good yacht broker to help you in selecting the best sailing vessel and the cabin layout within your budget and planning. You should also reserve the hotels in advance to assure a hassle free traveling. The ideal time for visiting the islands are the shower free months from December to May. Also, most of the celebrations of the island take place during these months. Avoid tap water and do not forget to carry your medicine box while you are on the islands.

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    Situated in the Gobi desert, the Flaming Cliff is a place worth visiting once. It is a part of Mongolia and attracts lots of tourists every year. Due to the glazing orange color of these cliffs, its name is given as ‘flaming’.

    If you are adventurous and love the sight when the sun sets and rises; the Flaming Cliff in Mongolia is the best place to visit. Ask your family to pack their bags and head off to the Flaming Cliff amidst the great Gobi desert with your family. Children would love to see different dinosaur skeletons and get to know more about them. This is the place where dinosaur eggs were first discovered.

    The landscapes in this region are spectacular and when the sunlight falls on them, they look even more stunning. You can reach the Flaming Cliff by foot, by car or you can even use a camel to do so.

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    Costa Rica is a paradise for thrill seekers. The little nation with its pristine beaches, white water, lush rain forests, exotic wildlife and an active volcano offers ample opportunities for various adventure sports.

    Canopy tours are quite common where you fly over the big trees to relish a beautiful vista of Costa Rica’s rich vegetation from above. One of the fantastic aerial activities here is the helicopter tour over the Arenal Volcano National Park. The view of hot molten magma bubbling up from the volcano always gives an adrenaline rush.

    Go for a bumpy white water rafting experience down the strong Turrialba River within the cloud forests around you. You can try out the intense river kayaking in the mighty rapids. Surf through the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica. Salsa Brava is the most popular surf destination here. Snorkeling is also famous in Costa Rica. Go for scuba diving when you want to experience the rich bio-diversity of the region first hand. Some of the well known dive spots are near the Nicoya peninsula.

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    If you happen to travel to New Zealand this vacation and are an adventurer at heart, your trip will be incomplete if you don’t try paragliding. It is a world renowned exciting sport which is most definitely not meant for the light hearted. But still once you do it, they say, it becomes an absolutely thrilling adventure. Though it looks tough, it is actually easier than several other adventure sports.

    You will need the paragliding gear, a responsible trainer and a site available for paragliding. With some confidence, you will be able to master the sport in 1 or 2 attempts. Before you go in for a trainer, just check his or her safety record history. Then when you are sure, go ahead. The best areas for this sport in New Zealand are Queenstown, Nelson area, etc. You can even register for a short flying course at any of these places.

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