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    Smokey mountains located in the Tennesese and Virginia parts of the world offers a great mountain escape for the world. The views from the slopes of smoky mountains are just fabulous. And what better can you possibly do on the most attractive slopes in the world than ski. Skiing is a very popular activity, particularly in this part of the world. This has given the push for ski resorts to thrive on the Smokey Mountains. But where in Smokey Mountains do you possibly go to for skiing purposes?
    One of the largest ski resorts which are located in the Tennessee area is a great place to be in is Ober Getlinburg. There are a number of log cabins that are available for rent out here. Rents are available daily, weekly as well as seasonally. You would also be able to avail facilities such as hot tubs and snow shoe on the trails.

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    A ski vacation can sure be a lot of fun. Perfect idea of a getaway with your family and loved ones, a ski vacation can provide you with the right dosage of the long deserved adrenalin rush coupled with family time. Now, if you want to enjoy your skinning experience, it is very essential that you pack well. There are certain essentials which you absolutely cannot do without on a ski vacation. Thus before you are all get set to ski, make sure your pack wisely.

    First thing that should be on your ‘must pack list’ are, your skiing boots, your skis, goggles and poles. Now that you are done packing your skiing items, also pack well for the rest of the vacation. A skiing vacation also involves spending time with your family besides an ample lot of skiing. Thus, make sure you pack your evening outfits too.

    One essential thing that you must keep in mind is to pack warm. Make it a point to carry all your warm clothes such as sweatshirts, sweaters, trench coats, scarves, caps, and gloves for maximum protection. Last but not the least, pack an ample lot of energy in you; because that is one thing you are sure going to need on your skiing getaway.

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    Zurich – The Heritage of Switzerland

    Posted In: Super Cities by oldtowntravel

    Zurich is dubbed as the safest city in the whole world. It has the least number of crime rates and it is located in the heart of Switzerland. But it is definitely not one of the places where you can go for cheap shopping. Yet, there are ways to spend your vacation in Zurich without breaking the bank. Let us look at them.

    The first thing that you could do is visiting the famous churches. Zurich is a catholic place and it has many churches including St. Peters and Fraumünster. St. Peters has the largest face clock of the world.

    Then you can get to know about the culture and heritage of this place by visiting the Maier’s Theater. They often run musicals and cabarets regarding the history of the place.

    If you want to enjoy the nature, you should take a ride to the ‘See’. It is the name of the lake in Zurich which is simply breathtaking.

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    If you are thinking about holidaying at Nice, France then make sure that it is summer. Because visiting Nice in summer is just the perfect holiday that you can ever imagine.

    If you are a Jazz fan, then Nice is the place for you to go. The Nice Jazz festival which is held every year in the summers is one of the largest festivals of Europe with people from all over the world attending it.

    France is known for its shopping and Nice is no exception to that rule. You can buy souvenirs, fashion clothing, exceptional wine and the French bread at Nice. You can also try your bargain at the flea markets of Nice.

    Then of course there are the beautiful beaches. If you can afford to spend some money, make sure you check out the private beaches of Nice. They are very elegant and offer great food along with privacy.

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    Venice – The Epitome of Romance

    Posted In: Super Cities by oldtowntravel

    Venice is by far the most romantic place on earth. It is the place which you must see before you die. It has such mesmerizing beauty and enigma which make it the perfect spot for newlyweds and lovers.

    You and your lover should not miss coming to Venice. If you do, then make sure that you explore the city by foot as it is the best possible way to absorb all the fantastic things happening in this place. You can also go shopping on the Great Canal by local boats.

    Venice is famous for its Basilica di San Marco, the church made of pure mosaic. If you can afford some bucks, make sure to stay at the Ca’Sagredo which is a 15th century monument.

    Venice is a place which will make you feel overwhelmed. Even if you don’t explore the place very well, you will feel its impact for the rest of your life.

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    If you want to spend some quality time with amusement, then Lake Buena Vista is the place for you. It is simply impossible to see all the locations of Buena Vista on a single trip as the place has so much to offer. Still, you need to limit yourself if you want the best out of this place.

    If you want to witness some amazing wildlife, you should go to the Gatorland, where you can see some wild alligators as well other wildlife creatures. You can watch the trainers fight it out with these animals at this place. There is also a splash pool where you can chill off.

    Close to Gatorland is the Jungle Park where you can get close with the wildlife. If you want to see something pleasant, then try the History Bok Sanctuary where you will find more than 10,000 species of birds.
    Overall, Lake Buena Vista is a place which you must see.

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    Things you must see in Rhodes

    Posted In: Beaches, Destinations by oldtowntravel

    Rhodes Island is one the top tourist spots of the world. 70% of the income of this place comes through its tourists and it invites more than 10 million people every year. So, what is it that appeals to people to come here? Let us see about that.

    Every part in Greece is rich with its oozing history and Rhodes is no exception. All the streets and buildings in this Island are very old and they reflect the architectural history of the Greek, Turkish and Italian people who lived here once. Then there is the soothing Greek food which is hard to find in other parts of the world.

    Of course, there are the numerous beaches. What is more important to notice about these beaches is the fact that they all have their respective themes. Elli beach is soothing with the setting sun and folded umbrellas while Kolimbia beach is modern with a trendy setting.

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    Things that you must do in Banff, Canada

    Posted In: Destinations by oldtowntravel

    Banff is a place which is famous for its ever-cold climate. If you are there, make sure you do all the following things before leaving.

    The first thing you should do is Dog Sledging. Doing that over the wild Canadian show capes is just amusing! These dogs can run and run and you will feel a sense of fire flowing through you while you’re dog sledging. You can of course end up in the snow but its all part of the sport isn’t it?

    As you probably know, Ice Hockey is Canada’s national game and it is really exciting. If you haven’t ever been to an Ice Hockey game, it is time for you to do so. Then there is the Johnston Canyon Walk of Ice. In summer, you can find beautiful waterfalls around this area and in winter they all freeze and make the perfect Ice Walking track.

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    St. Martin is obviously one of top islands of the World and it is in fact the most visited Island in the Caribbean. So, what makes St. Martin this famous? You really can’t generalize that factor. It is the combination of the culture, the sun, and the beaches and of course the shopping!

    There are not many places where you can skinny dip these days. But you can do that here. Many beaches in the eastern part of the Island are deserted so it is your time to get a full body tan. The other important thing you should know about this place is that every product sold here is duty-free. So, it is possible that you can find goods that are more than 50% cheap. If you are an US citizen, you can bring home pralign=”left” style=”padding-right:10px”oducts that are worth not more than $800. So, this makes people come back to this wonder Island again and again.

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    The Scenic Cayo Largo of Cuba

    Posted In: Beaches, Destinations by oldtowntravel

    Located 50 kilometers away from Cuba is the Island of Cayo Largo. It is famous for its clean beaches, intriguing wildlife and spotless beauty. Another important attraction of Cayo Largo is its numerous diving spots. Diving has grown into a favorite pastime of the people all around the world but there are not many natural diving spots in their country. But Cayo Largo alone has over 25 natural diving spots which make it a natural tourist spot for thousands of professional and amateur divers.

    While the south side of this small Island is famous for its beaches, the north side is famous for its salt pans and mangrove forests. The famous Sirena Beach is present here. This beach is always cold in spite of how hot the sun is due to its oolitic sand. Generally, the climate is sub-tropical over here and that favors all the travelers who come from various parts of the world.

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