Going to Barbados is one the holiday dreams of many people around the world. It is mainly due to the fine beaches, great shopping facilities and the clear waters which are too pure to be believed.

Bridgetown is the capital of Barbados and it is the most tourist attracting spot due to its duty-free shopping. Here, people can find anything right from imported electronic goods to the national sweets at a price which is unbelievably low. It is also a well developed city and it offers other entertainment such as ports, golf and museums.

Since it is a worldwide tourist attracting spot, there are many different varieties of accommodating facilities available here. You can even rent an apartment for a period of 15 days which will cost you much less. Then there are large resorts, small beach houses as well as normal rooms.

There is a load of social stuff which you can do in Bridgetown which makes it the perfect getaway.