Amalfi coast is the name which is given to the coastal areas of Italy’s peninsula. It is also one of the top coastal areas of Europe and here are the three top reasons why you should go there:

The most important thing which attracts tourists to Amalfi is its climate. You often see people complaining about how the rain spoiled their vacation but you will never experience or hear about that in Amalfi since its weather is always predictable and at most sunny.

The second reason is the town of Positano. It marks the end of the Amalfi coast and it is one of the most romantic spots in Italy. It also has a wide range of shopping facilities.

The final reason is the hiking trail dubbed as the “Path of God”. This trail is probably one of the most amusing trails in the world and it offers great glimpses of the Amalfi coast.

So, why are you still waiting? Go and book your ticket to Amalfi.