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    5 Ways To Get Discount On Your Hotel Room

    Posted In: Hotels by cooldude

    discount on hotel booking It is obvious that when you’ll be going on a trip, you wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money on hotel room booking. If you manage to save money on hotel booking then you’ll be able to spend more money on shopping or any other activity. If you travel every year then saving money on hotel booking can be very profitable for you. Below are a few tips to help you save money on hotel booking:

    • You will find that there are a number of travel websites. It is recommended that you sign up for newsletters of a certain travel website that you like. In every newsletter you’ll receive you’re likely to find advertisements regarding discounts on hotel room booking. Certain websites will also send you alerts via text messages.

    • Apart from looking for discounts on hotel room on travel websites, it is recommended that you visit the websites of hotels as well. You will find that discounts are offered on hotel room booking if only you book through the hotel’s own website. This is called direct booking. You’ll find that a number of casinos and resorts offer discounts on booking done through the business’s own website.

    • You can also book a package deal that includes air fare as well as lodging expenses. Often in such a deal discounts are offered in either the air fare or in the hotel room booking charges. You are also likely to get discounts on both the air fare and hotel charges.

    • There are also other ways of getting discounts on hotel room booking. You will find that members of certain clubs get discounts on lodging expenses. If you have any valid voucher that offers discounts on hotel room booking charges then you should consider using it. You will also find that there are special discount hotel room rates offered for individuals who are in any way associated with a travel organization. If you are a businessman then you are likely to get discounts on hotel room booking. Also discounts are offered for ex military personnel. Discounts on hotel room charges are also offered for the elderly.

    • You can also call the hotel and ask them for discounts. If you talk in a gracious manner then you may be able to enjoy special privileges as well as get discounts on hotel room charges. Hotel room bookings are nowadays done almost always through internet so if you call the hotel and talk in a friendly manner then the whole thing will have a personal touch which is likely to prove beneficial for you.

    While travelling you should never completely reject the idea of staying at a hotel which is located a bit far away from the main tourist destination. You will find that the hotels which are located at a distance from the main tourist attraction offer hotel room charges which are far less than the ones which are located close to that area. If you keep the above mentioned points in your mind while booking a hotel then it is sure to prove beneficial for you.

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    Things to do while camping with family

    Posted In: Adventure by cooldude

    camping with familyIt is a very good option to go camping if you are planning on a family trip. Camping trips have a lot to offer. There are activities that every age group can do and keep themselves entertained. Here are some of the exciting activities and things that you can do on your family vacation of camping.

    Bonfire or campfire: people of all ages are mostly fond of campfires. There is something about the campfires where you can barb-e-Que, throw in marshmallows and chocolate and enjoy the little things. The melted marshmallows and chocolates are those sweet things that can make bonds grow fonder.

    Play games: vacations are always for relaxing. When you are on an adventurous trip such as camping outside you might get tired and want to relax at times. Games are things that you can play at any point of day or night and lighten your mood. They are a great way to kill time and also enjoy at the same time. You can play card games that are very good for camping trips and are also simple and enjoyable for adults as well as kids. If you are fond of outdoor games, football, and Frisbee can also be good gaming options.

    Scavenger hunt: if you are going camping with kids you can arrange your own scavenger hunt near the campsite. Kids shall love and be very excited about finding a small little treasure for themselves and it shall also be a chance for you to interact with your kids. It lets you spend more quality time with your family.

    Survival skills practice: recently so many reality shows have come up that test your patience and sporty nature which has boosted people to stay fit and healthy. Camping trips are a great way to learn and practice some of the survival skills. Camping trips can also be a lesson and way to understand the difficulties of life. You shall learn to adjust and use the available resources without complaining. It helps you build your confidence level and rely less on technology.

    Appreciating nature: camping sites are usually located in the middle of nowhere and there can be no better place to appreciate the lush green trees and spend time gazing at the stars. If there is a place nearby to fish it can be another fun activity to do. Fishing is ideal for camping if you can involve all the family members. It is both fun and challenging.

    Hiking: the most common thing to do while camping is to go for a hike. There are many people that are scared to go the extra mile leaving behind their cars and coming out of their comfort zone. However, the best views are located parallel along the access roads. You should research about the day hiking places and make full use of your camping trip. You sure do not want to miss out on such a great opportunity.

    For camping trips research work is never enough. You always need the local help and their knowledge cannot be substituted. So, always get their help and keep yourself about the latest trail conditions.

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    Hotel BookingTraveling from one part of the country to another has become really very convenient ever since the advent of trains and airplanes. Along with that, people can travel easily because accommodation facilities are available without any difficulty. Numerous hotels have come into existence in each and every part of the world.

    If you are going to visit some place then obviously you have to make arrangements for your accommodation. However since the demand for hotel rooms have increased these days, the hotel rates are generally extremely high.

    Most of you must have realized by now that you have to set aside a large portion of your travel budget for accommodation especially in luxurious hotels. This article will you get acquainted with certain techniques that will help you find the best rates for your hotel booking.

    First and the most obvious thing that you must do: ask the hotel as to whether it is offering any lower rates or not. Check if the hotel has any special package or promotion to offer to you.

    Carrying out a thorough research online would be the best thing because several travel websites have come into existence. These travel websites give you the latest information on different hotels and their respective hotel rates. So you can easily look for credible travel websites for best hotel rates.

    You can even utilize the online websites to compare the rates offered by different hotels. After the comparison of the rates, you will be able to select the hotel that offers the cheapest rates.

    In order to get the best rates for your hotel booking you have to make sure that your traveling dates are flexible. If the dates are flexible then you can book the hotel when the hotel is actually offering cheap rates or book it during some seasonal time.

    The smart move on your part would be to take full advantage of package deals as these will give you an opportunity to travel without spending much. Discounts offered by the different hotels in relation to the package deals are extremely tempting.

    If it is possible then you should select hotels which are less expensive and popular because only then you will be able to get rates which will suit your budgetary requirements.

    Learn to negotiate on the hotel rates with the hotel manager as much as possible because hotels require customers and the manager might give in to your demands sometime or the other.

    Keep an eye out for advertisements which are printed in different newspapers and magazines because these advertisements can be a source of good hotel rates.

    Nowadays most of the hotels give these online discount coupons or vouchers. So you can look for them and utilize them to the fullest.

    It is essential that you get acquainted with the hidden costs that the hotel you book might charge from you.

    Check the hotel rates even if once you have booked the hotel because the rates might go down in the future and you can book the hotel again at a lower rate.

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    online car bookingTechnological advancement and wide use of internet has made online booking of cars, while on a vacation very simple. There are a lot of benefits that you can enjoy when booking online. No more you shall have to spend your time and money talking over the phone with someone to book your car.

    • You can make your booking efficiently while booking online. There are many websites that allow you to browse and select from a number of options suiting your need. Depending on your budget and the number of people traveling you can select the right car. This way you can be free of the fuss and the long conversations that you have to go through on phone with travel agents.

    • You do not even have to waste time waiting when you reach the new destination. A pre-booked car that you booked online waits for you and you do not have to face any hindrance in your trip. Booking online not only saves times but it is also more convenient. You can book anytime, day or night. You can plan the car you need anywhere, while sitting on a couch or even at work. There are no time boundaries and you do not have to go anywhere.

    • Booking online allows you to see through all the options that are available. For every particular destination there are different types of cars. There are SUV to Sedan, ac and non-ac, four-seater or more. You can choose according to your requirement. You can make a short list of cars that you like and compare their pricing options. It helps you make a more informed decision about the car.

    • There is another advantage of booking online that you get to see what the car looks like and about its condition. While, when booking offline over the phone you only get oral descriptions. They can sometimes be very deceptive too. So, know what the car looks like before you get there.

    • Comfort is the foremost while traveling so never compromise with it. When you book through travel agents they usually give you another number where you need to call once you reach. This process can be problematic as you are new to the place and you have to do the job of searching the car that you booked. There are no confirmations to whether your booking has been made correctly. But on having booked online you have a satisfaction that the car of your choice has been correctly booked. The car is available for you and you do not have to go out searching.

    You even have confirmations slips that you could show in case of any issues. When you book online there are no extra or hidden costs that you have to pay. While when you book through travel agents they charge you a share for having booked a car for you. They add a fee for speaking to the reservation operators and doing your job. Booking online shall save you the money you would otherwise have to pay them.

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    Top 5 beaches in Asia

    Posted In: Beaches by cooldude

    beaches in AsiaSo your wedding is round the corner and you want to celebrate your togetherness by gifting your spouse a honeymoon of a lifetime. Now destinations will depend a lot on the preference of your spouse. Nevertheless if he/she loves nature at its magnificent best, is a water baby and loves to party like no one is watching, then no other destination can work out better than a beach. When it comes to beaches, Asia sure has a lot to offer in its repertoire. Find below top 5 beach destinations of Asia that is sure to take your breath away.

    1. Palawan, Philippines: Palawan is an island which is located in the Mimaropa region. Quite a popular attraction among tourists, Palawan is known allover for its amazing beaches, primeval caves, lush green tropical forest and picturesque mountain ranges. All in all its truly paradise at its best in the lap of Mother Earth.

    2. Bali, Indonesia: When it comes to absolute solace and total tranquility, no other destination can match Bali. The destination is home to numerous magnificent beaches such as Sanur Beach, Kuta beach, Seminyak Beach and Legian beach. When in Bali you can enjoy a great surf as well. Now posing a striking contrast to its tranquility, the destination is also known for its thriving nightlife. Talking about food, Bali has lots of local lip smacking delicacies to offer as well. And Bali’s sunset and sunrise are bound to take your breath away.

    3. Phuket, Thailand: From white sandy pristine beaches, to ocean which is as blue as it gets, from lush velvety green jungles to the soul pampering massages, Phuket has it all! You can even visit the stunning James Bond Island to enjoy snorkeling.

    4. Male, Maldives: Maldives is known all over not only for its outstanding natural extravaganza but also for its man-made recreations. The destination is basically a coral island cluster, thus giving you the taste of water life at its best. Want to discover the mysterious under ocean life with your loved one; at Maldives you can easily do so. Grab your, scuba gear, get hold of a trainer and discover majesty at its very best. Now coming to local cuisines, nothing more needs to be said about Maldives. Tourists come from all over the globe to get a taste of the finger licking goodness of local seafood.

    5. Goa, India: Goa is known as India’s beach capital which is home to some odd 40 beaches. Amazing food, fun water sports, and a riot of colors is what Goa is all about. And if cheap yet trendy shopping is your deal, no other destination can live up to your expectation.

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    Where to find European food in Shanghai

    Posted In: Adventure by cooldude

    European food in ShanghaiShanghai is considered to be one of the most modern places in the world and if you pay a visit there you will be astonished to explore those great places. When it comes to food people do not compromise on it and that is why there are some of the best restaurants here. If you are fond of European food then Shanghai has lots of restaurants who serve them. Given below are the restaurants where you will find European food in Shanghai:

    • Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet- it has a wide range of European food and it is well known for its reception and quality of food. Located near The Bund, Ultraviolet is considered as the best place to dine in Shanghai. Apart from European food it also serves contemporary and French dishes as well. The overall atmosphere and decoration is excellent and people have highly recommended this place for its culinary level. Although the price is a bit on the higher side but with the food and drinks which are served it would not affect you at all.

    • The Cathay Room- this is another restaurant where you will find some delicious European food. It has also got the Certificate of Excellence 2013 for the good food they serve. People who have visited this restaurant have said that it has a homely ambience which makes it a must visit when you are in Shanghai. It is located near Pudong skyline and the view from this restaurant is excellent.

    • The House of Roosevelt- this restaurant was also awarded the Certificate of Excellence 2013 and it is highly recommended for those who love European food. Apart from European they also serve continental and international dishes. In addition to this it has an amazing wine bar with some of the best drinks in the world. The location of The House of Roosevelt is also something that attracts people. You will be able to see the bends in the river while enjoying your food here.

    • Grill Room- Grill Room is another restaurant which is very popular for European dishes. In fact it only serves European food and nothing else. The service is excellent in this restaurant and the steaks are outstanding. It is located near the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The price of the food is also reasonable and the homely atmosphere will definitely make you visit this place again.

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    Places to Visit in Machu Picchu

    Posted In: Destinations by cooldude

    Visit in Machu PicchuAlso known as ‘the lost city of Incas’ by many renowned archaeologists in the 1911 this city is a treat for people who are looking for an adventure holiday to go in their vacations. Declared as one by the UNESCO as the world heritage sites this place in Peru has got a rising popularity and if you are on a trip to Peru this place should not at all be missed. This place is a treat for history lovers too and can be make a family trip also. Remember always that if you are planning a vacation to Machu Picchu then the booking for the hotels you might want to live in has to be done way in advance. This is because sine a few years now this place has become a favourite tourist attraction and is always booked and filled by tourists.

    Before you start your hiking expedition (which is one activity which most people do) you need to reach this place by train and get down at the station of Ollantaytambo. Here is a small cafe which may prove to be the inception of your adventurous hike to the hills of Machu Picchu. The hills of this place are the main attraction- they are beautiful to look at and have such beautiful scenery and grandeur that it may be breathtaking once you reach. Remember always to be well equipped when the hiking starts.

    The ‘dead woman’s pass’ is a tricky first pass which is a major attraction for every tourist. The beauty is also captured by the sacred valley and the river that passes through it- the Urubamba River. It is a spectacular natural sight. Also, the Andes Mountains and their cover which are the tropical rainforests are fantastic and beautiful to look at too.

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    Mount Kilimanjaro AfricaThe majestic Mount Kilimanjaro is a historic image of Africa and an incredible trekking experience. From the exhibition of incredible forests and plains around its base, to the unforgettable experience of viewing the sunrise from its summit, a trekking trip to Kilimanjaro gives you a chance to view the world’s splendor and vastness. It is also one of the greatest physical challenges you can make your body go through. Below are few tips that should help you make the most out of your trip.

    Which route to take?

    If you approach the place from south, the Marangu route is popular, well worn and a quicker route than others. An alternative is the Lemosho route from the west. This takes longer than the Marangu route, but gives you the chance of viewing the natural beauty on the mountain, wildlife rich forests as well as the stunning visuals of the Shira Plateau.

    When to go?

    Kilimanjaro gets heavy rainfall from March to June and moderate rainfall from November to early December. January and February are the most pleasing months. Even the phase of July to September is warm and dry. These are the best times to go trekking on Kilimanjaro.

    Don’t rush it

    Those who come keeping time in hand are the ones who enjoy the trekking experience at Kilimanjaro the most. If you need to rush back home to get back to office soon, Kilimanjaro is not the right place. You should take time to acclimatize yourself to the great altitude of the place, and the rest of the trip should be a super fun experience.

    Train yourself

    You need to train yourself both physically and mentally. You must train yourself to go through long, tough walks, carrying the load of the heavy gear. The walk can at times be inclined too. You must also talk to people who have been here before, or read a lot of books and do proper research to have a clear knowledge about the various challenges that you will face at Kilimanjaro.

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    Mesmerizing Trip to Sri Lanka

    Posted In: Destinations by cooldude

    Trip to Sri LankaSri Lanka can be can exciting tourist destination with its amazing beaches, rare wildlife and the historical monuments. There are many unique locations and places of interest which you should surely visit. There are some really interesting historic attractions which are near about 2500 years old. Temples, monuments and forts make it a really colorful place.

    a) Anuradhapur is a very old city and is regarded as a rich heritage site by UNESCO. Some of the most interesting tourist spots here are monasteries and Buddhist temples like Ruwanwelisaya and Sri Maha Bodhiya.
    b) Yala National Reserve gives you ample opportunities to have a view of the rare wildlife species. It is a huge park which is spread across a very wide distance and is completely green. It has elephants, leopards and buffaloes. Rare species of birds are also found here. Some of which are also on the verge of extinction.
    c) A trip to Ratnapura is an amazing experience because of the scenery that it offers to its visitors. Sinharaja rain forest is an exciting tourist spot from here.
    d) Unawatuna beach is an interesting coastline that allows you to have a beautiful evening among the golden sand and the pristine waters of the ocean. It provides you with a wide variety of exotic fish. This beach also gives an opportunity for scuba diving for the adventure lovers.
    e) Colombo is a very lively and colorful state. This has a lot of rural environment and ambiance that has a many exciting things to offer you.
    f) Dambulla is one of the major tourist attractions. It has immense archeological relevance. It provides a place for excavation projects.
    g) Kataragama is one of the best places in Sri Lanka, It is well known for the shrine of Lord Skanda. This place is very popular among the people because of its cultural relevance.

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    Planning a beach holiday in Thailand

    Posted In: Beaches by cooldude

    beach holiday in ThailandThailand is famous for its beach luxury which draws in a huge host of tourists from all around the world every year. There is a galore of beaches adorning the Thai nation, each with its own distinct aura. Are you too planning a beach holiday in Thailand? Well, that’s great but your taut itinerary might not allow you to frequent all of them at one go- thus here is a post on the top That beaches so that you don’t miss out on the best of Thai beach culture.

    First and foremost you have the famous Patong beach. The picturesque Patong is situated on the Phuket island and its vibrant ambience all the year round has made it the most popular amidst the Thai beaches. The beach is well packed with gourmet and shopping destinations as well as great partying opportunities. Add on to it the beauty of the soft pristine sandy stretch & wide coastline that conjure up together to present a truly mesmeric view for you.

    Then, you have Maya Bay which is located at Ko Phi Phi. If Patong is famous for its vivacity & warmth, Maya is adored for its breathtaking scenery. The beach is said to present the best of scenery in entire Thailand. You will get boat trips that will sailt you towards Maya Bay to relish its spectacular view.

    Don’t miss out on Hat Sai Kaeo beach located at Ko Sametalso. It’s again one of the most scenic beaches here and is especially famous for the aquatic adventures it offers its travelers with. If you are in a mood for some thrilling fun in your beach holiday, Hat Sai is the place for you. The beach allows you to engage yourself in a wide variety of adventures such as windsurfing, jetskiing, swimming, banana boat riding and so on.

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