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    Spain factsFrom invention of stapler and making mop over the legal nudity, Spain is a lot more than just sunshine and beaches. When you think of Spain, the immediate thought you would get would be about bull fighting, fiestas and flamenco dancing. Spain is not just limited to this much, it has a lot more to explore. There are many facts about Spain which you are not aware of and you will never even know if you miss this article. Test up your knowledge with this cool mix of interesting and informative facts about Spain. Whether you are planning to move to Spain or you have a fantasy of Spain or you just want to flaunt some knowledge on your family dining table, these facts about Spain will definitely be very helpful.


    • Second largest country in the UE

    Spain is officially known as the kingdom of Spain. Spain consists of the area of 505,955 square kilometers and thus it makes Spain the second largest country of the whole UE. Spain covers over 85% of the Iberian Peninsula which it is sharing with Portugal. I am sure you would not be aware about these interesting facts about Spain.

    • It was once a number of separate kingdoms with different languages

    Yes you heard it right, Spain was once a combination of separate kingdoms and all kingdoms had different languages. Spain was unified in the 15th century. And this happened after the marriage of two catholic monarchs Isabella of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon. This kingdom was the base for many of the regions in modern Spain. In today’s date there are 17 autonomous regions and 2 autonomous enclaves of Melila and Ceuta in North Africa.

    • Spanish is 2nd widely spoken language in the world

    There are more than 406 million people across the globe who speaks Spanish. Yes this is one of the very surprising facts about Spain. It comes after Chinese.

    • Nudity is legal in Spain

    Yes you heard it right, nudity is legal in Spain. I am sure this will be also one of the shocking facts about Spain. They believe that it’s better to enjoy the country’s Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers and mild rainy with open heart. Spain was also one of the countries having the youngest marriageable age in Europe before it changed the legal age of marriage from 14 years to 16 years in the year 2015.

    • Spanish people are fond of chilling

    Spanish people are very joyful people and they love to chill and hang out. According to the OECD report on an average Spanish people contribute 16 long hours out of 24 hours in eating, sleeping, drinking, chilling, hanging out and leisure.

    • Spain produces over half of the olive oil of the world

    Spain produces almost more than 1.5 million tons of olive oil and almost major part of it comes from south region of Andalusia. It is also considered as the third largest producer of wine after Italy and France.

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    Fun Facts About Phuket, Thailand

    Posted In: Destinations by Robert

    Facts about phuketPhuket is one of the most popular destinations across the world. If you have been fortunate enough to have a tour and visit places in Phuket then it is very good but you are one of them who haven’t visited Phuket might be inte4reted in knowing all about Phuket. You might be wondering what is there in this place which attracts people so much. It has so many scattered and beautiful beaches and much of the exciting activities and many more things which you might not be aware but will be stunned when you know them. Here are some of the fun facts about Phuket.



    • It’s the biggest island in Thailand

    Thailand is a very wide spot and consists of so many wide and beautiful places. Phuket is one of them. In fact Phuket is biggest island in whole Thailand. The total area of Phuket is about 540 sqm which is close to the area of whole Singapore. Phuket is very popular in Thailand because of its beautiful and pleasant white pleasant beaches, crazy and exciting nightlife, crystal clear water and wide and excellent islands. Phuket is also a nice place to have stayed as it offers its stay from super luxurious and expensive resorts to purely budgeted stay. This island of Phuket is so huge that it can easily earn a status of province. The international airport in Phuket has almost daily direct flights to almost each of the major cities of whole Asia. This defines its popularity and status.

    • Original name of the island is not Phuket

    Before Phuket became so much popular before the time of this travellers era, Phuket was called something else by the miners and sea travellers. The island of Phuket was very much rich in the tin ore in the past times and the people of that era called Phuket as jungceylon and it was mispronounced as tanjung salang from the malay language. In today’s time, jungceylon is the name of a big and famous shopping mall located in Patong.

    • Busiest beach in Phuket is patong beach

    Phuket consists of almost over 30 beaches but number one ranking is achieved by the patong beach. The specialties of patong beach are its gorgeous night life, it’s delicious dining options and inexpensive shopping centers. In original meaning, patongs meant a forest which is filled up with banana trees, but now there are no banana trees which can be seen in this island. However there is a widely spread misconception as to patong defines Phuket which is not at all true. There are many other serene and pristine beaches in Phuket which is worth visiting like Kamala, Bangtao, Kata, Nai Harn, Surin and many such others which is worth visiting and probably better than Patong.

    • A great place for wedding and honeymoon

    If you are planning a luxurious destination wedding, then Phuket will one of the most desirable and adorable destination for wedding.  Not only for wedding, Phuket is also very much deserving as a honeymoon spot.

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    Most Populated Cities of USA

    Posted In: Super Cities by Kade

    We all know that USA is considered to one of the most developed country which we all have the fantasy of visiting it. And if you are planning for going for your vacation to USA as for your trip than it I considered being one of the best decisions of your life which will help you out with way more experiences which are waiting for you ahead. There are many things which you can go for visiting USA which in fact you must not miss when you are planning of going for it. But there is one thing which is considered to be important to know by the traveller about the most populated cities of USA. USA is considered to be having way more cities which you can go for visit but amongst them most populated cities of USA which is considered to be your jam.

    This article will help you in providing with many of the knowledge of the most populated cities of USA which you must go for and have the adequate amount of details because when you are visiting it you must have at least some of the basic knowledge of the trip which you have planned for. Let me help you out with some of the examples of the most populated cities of USA which you can go for like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Dallas, San Diego, etc. which can help you in getting up the knowledge of the things which you need to take in to account at the time of going for most populated cities of USA.

    Most populated cities of USA

    1. New York City

    new york cityWe all know that USA is considered to be one of the most beautiful countries which can help you up with many of the things which you need to know about. As in the list of most populated cities of USA, New York City is considered to be standing at the first position because of the trend which is being following up there. it is considered to be such big which is as largest as two largest cities. Not only that but it provides its standards with the global power in its hands. There are more than 8.1 million people who resides in New York City which makes it amongst the most populates cities of USA.

    1. Chicago

    ChicagoIt is considered to be another most populates cities of USA which you can take in to account is Chicago which is situated in America. It is known to be the windy city which is being attracted from the largest and the fastest downtown growth in nation. Well, let me help you out with knowing the ratio that more than 50000 people moved to downtown in the years from 2000 to 2010. Not only that but Chicago is also considered to be one of the largest home of world’s last free zoo which you can go for definitely experiencing the ambience which is being provided by Chicago to its tourist who are visiting it.

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    Places To Visit In Bangkok

    Posted In: Uncategorized by Robert

    BangkokBangkok, it is the place you would definitely imagine crowd, noise, nightlife and excitement. Bangkok offers you with each and everything which you expect from it and I would say even beyond your expectations. Apart from this wild and crazy night life for which Bangkok is famous, it also offers many ancient sites, modern shopping malls and such other amazing sites to be explored. Bangkok is a total thrilling and exciting spot to be explored. It is such a place which shows you the tension between the developed and undeveloped cities. Apart from this also, it is still a heart throbbing destination to be explored. Here are some of the major tourist attractions of Bangkok which must be visited if you have hopped on this destination without fail.

    • Grand palace                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             If you are exploring Bangkok and if you have got chance to explore only one destination of Bangkok then without any doubt it should be this one place. The royal compound of this extraordinary place lives up to the name of grand palace with such overwhelming structures which would put aside most of the decadent modern monarchs to shame. This beautiful grand place is the home of the Wat Phra Kaeo which possesses the jade Buddha. This popular and beautiful spot was built in 1782 and it was the royal residence for many generations and till today it is used for the essential ceremonies and possessing heads of state. Make sure while you visit this holy and historic place, you are dressed properly in good attire. Dressing up properly means covering up your arms and legs and avoids any vulgar or short or any kind of sloppy attire. This kind of dressing is strictly prohibited in this place. If you want to avoid hassle and make the most out of your beautiful experience, you must go for the grand palace and wat phra and kaew tour. It is half day sight-seeing tour and gives you the most memorable experience of your life.
    • Wat pho

    Located just to the south of grand palace, wat pho gives you an extraordinary addition to the tour. But the condition for exploring this place is that your feet must be ready for a long walk. These temple was built by the oldest king of Bangkok king Rama 1 and it is still maintained very well and is one of the must visit destination in Bangkok. Before many centuries, this place has been very much famous for healing and pharmacy and that’s the reason whu this place has become very much famous.

    • Wat arun

    Only the luck has made this attraction very much popular. There was a company who purchased the land around the temple with a condition to remove the plaster statue of god Buddha. The statue proved to be so much heavy that the crane was not able to lift and cable parted and the statue was dropped. It was in the same place for a night and the season was rainy. Next morning some saints walked glint of gold which was shining through the plaster. When the plaster was removed, there was a 3.5 m Buddha which consists of 5.5 tons of solid gold.

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    Remarkable Islands of Hawaii

    Posted In: Destinations by Robert

    Hawaii…nothing but a dream land that any person would like to visit. A place that dazzles you, and makes you feel like you are in another world, away from the worries of home. There are sunny, sandy beaches, beautiful sunsets, crashing waves, and underwater wildlife. You may have trouble deciding which island to visit, so here is a list of the most beautiful islands of Hawaii that you should consider:


    Maui“Maui no ka oi”. Many people believe Maui is the best island of Hawaii. It is preferred by visitors that venture from island to island, and everyone has expressed an interest in returning after a single visit. Maui offers the big city feel of Oahu, the county life of Kauai. It is a great choice for honeymoons and families. There are Maui luxury rentals on the island that will give you easy access to all the island can offer. Top natural attractions are the Hana highway, the Haleakela National Park, and other things like wind surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, etc.


    OahuIf are the kind that enjoys city life, Oahu is the best place you can choose in Hawaii. Spectacular accommodation, delicious local cuisine, and the lively city atmosphere is what this Hawaiian place offers you. Oahu is a great combination of attractive city life and cultural and historical sites and museums which will leave you amazed.It is nicknamed “the gathering place”. Oahu is definitely a place where you will love to spend your time and gather memories. It’s not only the city life which gathers your attention, just try out the water activities and beach treasures.

    Hawaii’s big island

    big island of hawaiiThe big island is by far the most diverse island of Hawaii and the name fits. It’s big really very BIG. It’s a combination of all other islands of Hawaii. There are lava fields and snow capped mountains, barren grasslands and lush jungle terrain. So want to feel young again, visit the big island of Hawaii. Waipio Valley, Kilauea is one place you should visit. The activities which grab your attention are horse riding, bird watching, hiking in a lava flow, and the best thing is to see the lava getting mixed with the ocean. Do visit the big island of Hawaii if you are fond of all this activities.

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    Top Museums of the World

    Posted In: Destinations by Robert

    Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC, United States

    Smithsonian Museum

    Smithsonian institution, considered to be the world’s largest research and museum complex. It consists of 19 museums and galleries, the national zoological park, and many more research centers. There are total 137 million objects which depicts the story of America which is kept in this museum. With so many objects present in the museum, it’s really very difficult to see all the things. It is such a vast gallery to see that if you take a single minute day and night to see each object on the exhibit then also you will require ten years and that would also be only 10% of the whole. Thus it is advisable to visit it with a plan and focus on only 1 or 2 exhibit which is most popular.

    Advisable attractions are the dresses of the first ladies, Dorothy’s ruby red slippers, and the original star spangled banner at the national museum of American history. Also watch out the spirit of St Louis and the Apollo 11 command module at the National Air and Space Museum.

    Le Louvre, Paris, France  

    Le Louvre MuseumTwo centuries ago, Louvre was a medieval fortress which was then converted into a museum. In 1989 an addition in the entrance of the museum was made which made its exterior world famous. This addition was a pyramid in the entrance. The collection of this museum is undoubtedly world famous. But the epic collection is Leonardo da vinci’s “Mona Lisa”. A good place to start to visit this museum is the sully Wing, at the foundations of Phillipe-Auguste’s medieval keep – it is considered to be the heart of the Louvre. It is kids favorite and it leads you straight to the Egyptian rooms. Venus de Milo and Winged victory of Samothrace are must watchable things in this museum.

    The Acropolis Museum, Athens, Greece

    Athens Acropolis MuseumThis museum focuses on the findings of archeological site of the Acropolis of Athens. This museum covers every artifact from Greek Bronze age to Roman and Byzantine Greece. The ground floor gallery has splendid transparent glass floor which gives you a walk over history. You can find the interesting history of Athenians from each historic period while sloping upwards to the acropolis. Some of the settlements have been excavated showing some little glimpses of Athenian life. The main attraction in this museum is Frieze of the Parthenon which is mounted on the structure with the same dimension as the cella of the Parthenon, showing every comprehensive detail.

    State Hermitage, St Petersburg, Russia

    State Hermitage MuseumIt is a museum of art and sculpture. Russia may lag behind in matter of art in comparison of France, Rome and London but hermitage manages to collect a splendid collection of world art. Considered to be the world’s largest and by far the oldest museum of the world, Hermitage consists almost 3 million items. It was founded by Catherine the great in 1764 when she purchased 255 paintings from Berlin. This museum shows a spectacular collection starting from the Stone Age to the early 20th century. This museum consists of six large historic buildings consisting of palace Embankment, winter palace, and a former residence of Russian emperors.


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    5 Ways To Get Discount On Your Hotel Room

    Posted In: Hotels by cooldude

    discount on hotel booking It is obvious that when you’ll be going on a trip, you wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money on hotel room booking. If you manage to save money on hotel booking then you’ll be able to spend more money on shopping or any other activity. If you travel every year then saving money on hotel booking can be very profitable for you. Below are a few tips to help you save money on hotel booking:

    • You will find that there are a number of travel websites. It is recommended that you sign up for newsletters of a certain travel website that you like. In every newsletter you’ll receive you’re likely to find advertisements regarding discounts on hotel room booking. Certain websites will also send you alerts via text messages.

    • Apart from looking for discounts on hotel room on travel websites, it is recommended that you visit the websites of hotels as well. You will find that discounts are offered on hotel room booking if only you book through the hotel’s own website. This is called direct booking. You’ll find that a number of casinos and resorts offer discounts on booking done through the business’s own website.

    • You can also book a package deal that includes air fare as well as lodging expenses. Often in such a deal discounts are offered in either the air fare or in the hotel room booking charges. You are also likely to get discounts on both the air fare and hotel charges.

    • There are also other ways of getting discounts on hotel room booking. You will find that members of certain clubs get discounts on lodging expenses. If you have any valid voucher that offers discounts on hotel room booking charges then you should consider using it. You will also find that there are special discount hotel room rates offered for individuals who are in any way associated with a travel organization. If you are a businessman then you are likely to get discounts on hotel room booking. Also discounts are offered for ex military personnel. Discounts on hotel room charges are also offered for the elderly.

    • You can also call the hotel and ask them for discounts. If you talk in a gracious manner then you may be able to enjoy special privileges as well as get discounts on hotel room charges. Hotel room bookings are nowadays done almost always through internet so if you call the hotel and talk in a friendly manner then the whole thing will have a personal touch which is likely to prove beneficial for you.

    While travelling you should never completely reject the idea of staying at a hotel which is located a bit far away from the main tourist destination. You will find that the hotels which are located at a distance from the main tourist attraction offer hotel room charges which are far less than the ones which are located close to that area. If you keep the above mentioned points in your mind while booking a hotel then it is sure to prove beneficial for you.

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    Things to do while camping with family

    Posted In: Adventure by cooldude

    camping with familyIt is a very good option to go camping if you are planning on a family trip. Camping trips have a lot to offer. There are activities that every age group can do and keep themselves entertained. Here are some of the exciting activities and things that you can do on your family vacation of camping.

    Bonfire or campfire: people of all ages are mostly fond of campfires. There is something about the campfires where you can barb-e-Que, throw in marshmallows and chocolate and enjoy the little things. The melted marshmallows and chocolates are those sweet things that can make bonds grow fonder.

    Play games: vacations are always for relaxing. When you are on an adventurous trip such as camping outside you might get tired and want to relax at times. Games are things that you can play at any point of day or night and lighten your mood. They are a great way to kill time and also enjoy at the same time. You can play card games that are very good for camping trips and are also simple and enjoyable for adults as well as kids. If you are fond of outdoor games, football, and Frisbee can also be good gaming options.

    Scavenger hunt: if you are going camping with kids you can arrange your own scavenger hunt near the campsite. Kids shall love and be very excited about finding a small little treasure for themselves and it shall also be a chance for you to interact with your kids. It lets you spend more quality time with your family.

    Survival skills practice: recently so many reality shows have come up that test your patience and sporty nature which has boosted people to stay fit and healthy. Camping trips are a great way to learn and practice some of the survival skills. Camping trips can also be a lesson and way to understand the difficulties of life. You shall learn to adjust and use the available resources without complaining. It helps you build your confidence level and rely less on technology.

    Appreciating nature: camping sites are usually located in the middle of nowhere and there can be no better place to appreciate the lush green trees and spend time gazing at the stars. If there is a place nearby to fish it can be another fun activity to do. Fishing is ideal for camping if you can involve all the family members. It is both fun and challenging.

    Hiking: the most common thing to do while camping is to go for a hike. There are many people that are scared to go the extra mile leaving behind their cars and coming out of their comfort zone. However, the best views are located parallel along the access roads. You should research about the day hiking places and make full use of your camping trip. You sure do not want to miss out on such a great opportunity.

    For camping trips research work is never enough. You always need the local help and their knowledge cannot be substituted. So, always get their help and keep yourself about the latest trail conditions.

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    Hotel BookingTraveling from one part of the country to another has become really very convenient ever since the advent of trains and airplanes. Along with that, people can travel easily because accommodation facilities are available without any difficulty. Numerous hotels have come into existence in each and every part of the world.

    If you are going to visit some place then obviously you have to make arrangements for your accommodation. However since the demand for hotel rooms have increased these days, the hotel rates are generally extremely high.

    Most of you must have realized by now that you have to set aside a large portion of your travel budget for accommodation especially in luxurious hotels. This article will you get acquainted with certain techniques that will help you find the best rates for your hotel booking.

    First and the most obvious thing that you must do: ask the hotel as to whether it is offering any lower rates or not. Check if the hotel has any special package or promotion to offer to you.

    Carrying out a thorough research online would be the best thing because several travel websites have come into existence. These travel websites give you the latest information on different hotels and their respective hotel rates. So you can easily look for credible travel websites for best hotel rates.

    You can even utilize the online websites to compare the rates offered by different hotels. After the comparison of the rates, you will be able to select the hotel that offers the cheapest rates.

    In order to get the best rates for your hotel booking you have to make sure that your traveling dates are flexible. If the dates are flexible then you can book the hotel when the hotel is actually offering cheap rates or book it during some seasonal time.

    The smart move on your part would be to take full advantage of package deals as these will give you an opportunity to travel without spending much. Discounts offered by the different hotels in relation to the package deals are extremely tempting.

    If it is possible then you should select hotels which are less expensive and popular because only then you will be able to get rates which will suit your budgetary requirements.

    Learn to negotiate on the hotel rates with the hotel manager as much as possible because hotels require customers and the manager might give in to your demands sometime or the other.

    Keep an eye out for advertisements which are printed in different newspapers and magazines because these advertisements can be a source of good hotel rates.

    Nowadays most of the hotels give these online discount coupons or vouchers. So you can look for them and utilize them to the fullest.

    It is essential that you get acquainted with the hidden costs that the hotel you book might charge from you.

    Check the hotel rates even if once you have booked the hotel because the rates might go down in the future and you can book the hotel again at a lower rate.

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    online car bookingTechnological advancement and wide use of internet has made online booking of cars, while on a vacation very simple. There are a lot of benefits that you can enjoy when booking online. No more you shall have to spend your time and money talking over the phone with someone to book your car.

    • You can make your booking efficiently while booking online. There are many websites that allow you to browse and select from a number of options suiting your need. Depending on your budget and the number of people traveling you can select the right car. This way you can be free of the fuss and the long conversations that you have to go through on phone with travel agents.

    • You do not even have to waste time waiting when you reach the new destination. A pre-booked car that you booked online waits for you and you do not have to face any hindrance in your trip. Booking online not only saves times but it is also more convenient. You can book anytime, day or night. You can plan the car you need anywhere, while sitting on a couch or even at work. There are no time boundaries and you do not have to go anywhere.

    • Booking online allows you to see through all the options that are available. For every particular destination there are different types of cars. There are SUV to Sedan, ac and non-ac, four-seater or more. You can choose according to your requirement. You can make a short list of cars that you like and compare their pricing options. It helps you make a more informed decision about the car.

    • There is another advantage of booking online that you get to see what the car looks like and about its condition. While, when booking offline over the phone you only get oral descriptions. They can sometimes be very deceptive too. So, know what the car looks like before you get there.

    • Comfort is the foremost while traveling so never compromise with it. When you book through travel agents they usually give you another number where you need to call once you reach. This process can be problematic as you are new to the place and you have to do the job of searching the car that you booked. There are no confirmations to whether your booking has been made correctly. But on having booked online you have a satisfaction that the car of your choice has been correctly booked. The car is available for you and you do not have to go out searching.

    You even have confirmations slips that you could show in case of any issues. When you book online there are no extra or hidden costs that you have to pay. While when you book through travel agents they charge you a share for having booked a car for you. They add a fee for speaking to the reservation operators and doing your job. Booking online shall save you the money you would otherwise have to pay them.

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